Haircut in a Forest

Last Friday I got a haircut. It was a pretty drastic one. I went from having my hair down to the middle of my back to an approximation of the haircut you see here (without the highlights). I’ve been contemplating shorter hair for a while. I’ve never been afraid of “cutting it all off”. My hair grows really fast and I felt like I had given my long hair a chance. Once I get the itch to cut it I’ve got to get it done right away. I love long hair but I never like how it looks on me. Plus, I look quite young for my age already (and I’m OK with that) but when the local geriatric crossing guard gets all bent out of shape at me when I start to cross the street all by myself – it’s got to make you think.Ever since we moved out of the city I’ve had a hard time finding a salon that I’m happy with. I’ve been kind of a haircut slut. I’m OK with that. I might stick with this new place a while although I had my doubts when I first went in there. My haircut was incredibly cheap (man hair priced at $17!) and the stylist was very fast. I think that she was probably rushing because her next client had arrived – she looked to be about 85 but at least she’s still keeping herself up. Changing my hair has always been a signal that I’m looking for a change in my life. I’m not really sure what kind of change I’m looking for this time, but if I figure it out I’ll surely let you know.

I got a lot of postitive compliments from my girls in the office and from my husband. P hates it and actually burst into tears when she first saw me. She’s dealing with it. On Saturday I took her to her new Gymnastics class. We’ve been going for about a month now. There is a little boy in her class who is in her same class at school. I’m semi-friendly with the Mom (I wouldn’t classify her as a friend) and I sat down next to her when we arrived. Granted she was busy with her 2 year old son who had just attended the previous class but she didn’t say anything about my hair until after one of the Dad’s made a comment. It didn’t really faze (sp?) me that she failed to make a comment because as I said, we’re not really friends. But we have had numerous conversations about how our children love holding onto our hair and how we’re not allowed to put it up, etc., but still . . . anyhoo, I’m much more friendly with the commenting Dad – I’ve been to his house several times. His daughter and my daughter used to go to the same music class. This was back when I was a part-time-full-time Mom – P just turned 1. The rest of the Moms in the music class had babies that were about 6 months younger than P. They all met in the same birthing class, all stayed at home full time and all practice varying degrees of attachment parenting. We would often go out to lunch after music class and I met a few of the other birthing class alumni there. I’ve been to various birthday parties and get togethers with these women over the last two years. I never managed to schedule an actual playdate with anyone from this group. The schedules just don’t meld since I went back to work full-time. We were just at a birthday party for one of the little boys one week earlier. It was hot that day so I probably had my long hair twisted up. Then yesterday we went to another birthday party for commenting Dad’s daughter. The guests were almost the same exact group as one week ago – except that now I’m sporting my new haircut. . . and no one said anything to me about it at all. A room full of kids, Moms and Dads and. . . not . . . one . . . comment.What the F? Talk about feeling invisible! I can’t stop thinking about it. No one was unfriendly to us, everyone was very nice as always . . . but if it had been me and I saw that an acquaintance that I had seen just one week before had made a drastic change to their hair or some such thing I would have at least said something. Maybe I’m missing something in my gene collection for making friends with women but crap like this just bewilders me!

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