La Spades

I’m so late to the whole blog-o’-sphere — why not be late to a meme? The Lovely Mrs Davis asks
What television, music, movie or book from your childhood are you excited about sharing with your own children?

Last year I started pulling out some of my books from when I was little that I had saved. P’s favorite (and mine) is Miss Suzy by Arnold Lobel. I remember being fascinated by Miss Suzy’s little house and her little things (acorn cups, fire fly lamps, etc.) and I especially loved the old dollhouse. I wished I could climb into the book and go inside the house with them. P loved Miss Suzy so much that the book started disintegrating but fortunately it was recently re-issued – a 40th anniversary edition or something (how’s that for making you feel old?) and I got one. Now whenever we see a squirrel – it’s always Miss Suzy.

I also want to share some songs and games that I learned at summer camp and in elementary school. We started trying to play hopscotch which we drastically modified in order to avoid a frustration meltdown. This was not the case with jump rope. G has one and P got upset when she couldn’t do it. I always sucked at jumping rope even when I had to do it as part of my Karate class. I tried to tell her this but to no avail. I want to teach her a hand clapping game (kind of like Miss Mary Mack) that we used to play in grade school called La Spades. The words are kind of racy but it sounds so cool when you do it with the claps. I’ll share them with you:

La Spades are two lips together
Twilight forever
Bring back my love to me

What is the meaning?
Of all the flowers
They tell the story
The story of love
From me to you

I saw a ship sailing by, away
It sailed a year and a day, a day
My love is so far away, away
And I love him best
When he’s undressed

(*optional)Cross cross cross applesauce

I wish you could hear it. I wish my husband would let me teach it to him so I could hear it. I can’t wait till she’s bigger.


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