45 Things About Meme

I thought that I’d do this so that you’d get to know me a little better.

45 things meme
1. How old do you wish you were?
I’m ok with being 40 – but I wouldn’t mind being 30 again.

2. Where were you when 9/11 happened?
See my next post.

3. What do you do when vending machines steal your money?
Curse loudly!

4. Do you consider yourself kind?
Always kind to animals and children . . . sometimes I forget with certain adults . . .

5. If you had to get a tattoo, where and what would it be?
I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo lately. I used to date a guy that had lots of them and I gained an appreciation for them. I used to think that they were icky. I think I would like to have mine somewhere where other people could see it but could also be covered if necessary – like on my upper back under the bra strap. I’m not sure what I would get. It would take a while to figure that one out. I believe that they should have some meaning to you and not just be some lame design that you pick out of a book. I would probably do something with P’s name.

6. If you could be fluent in any other language what would it be?
It would be very cool if I could speak French – or any other language for that matter.

7. Do you know your neighbors?
We have a lovely neighbor across the street. She’s 89 years old and a widow. Her husband died in 1987 or something. Her only daughter who is in her 60’s is in a nursing home. She doesn’t have much family outside of her daughter so we try to invite her to all our family functions here. Now the neighbors to the right of us are another story.

8. What do you consider a vacation?
I love to go places and sight see but I’d love to rent a house somewhere (beach or mountains it doesn’t matter) and just live for a week. That would be a perfect vacation for me right now.

9. Do you follow your horoscope?
No, not really. In High School I had one of those daily horoscope books and found that if you read it everyday your life would start following the predictions rather than the other way around. If I’m reading a magazine in an doctor’s office or something and I see one there I’ll always read it though.

10. Would you move for the person you loved?
Yes of course.

11. Are you touchy feely?
I think I am but I don’t always like it when my husband tries to massage me or rub me. I’m always touching P though. She’s a good hugger. I’m glad that she got that from us.

12. Do you believe that opposites attract?
I suppose that G and I are pretty opposite in temperment and background. I do like the fact that we are the same age and both grew up in the tri-state area so our cultural references are similar.

13. Dream job?
I have to go back to my original dream of being a lead in a musical on Broadway. Gosh, that sounds so corny!! On the other hand I wish that I had pursued school a little more strenuously so that I had more options open to me – like medicine.

14. Favorite channels?
I don’t like everything they have but I’d have to say Bravo is one of my real favorites. I love Project Runway.

15. Favorite place to go on a weekend?
We’re just finishing up the County Fair season around here. I love going to fairs.

16. Showers or Bath?

17. Do you paint your nails?
I like the whole idea of taking time out for yourself to get a manicure and pedicure more than I actually like having color on my nails. I don’t like any dark colored nail polish on me. I always feel like my nails look like Herman Munster’s. I have a deep unease and revulsion to all things Herman Munster.

18. Do you trust people easily?
It depends. In the workplace I tend to be a little stand offish with new people. In my homelife – I tend to be too trusting of potential new friends and usually let people walk all over me.

19. What are your phobias?
See #17.

20. Do you keep a handwritten journal?
I used to. I used to write everyday.

22. What makes you feel warm and safe?
Being with my family (P&G).

23. Heavy or light sleep?
Pretty light.

24. Are you paranoid?
What are you trying to say ;-)?

25. Are you impatient?
I can be. I’ve become much more patient after having P and now dealing with her pre-schooler’s impatience. I just try to remain as calm as possible. A lot of times it does no good to be impatient. You just add to your own anxiety by freaking out about things that you have no control over (most things).

26. How do you feel about interracial couples?
What do you think?

27. Have you been burned by love?
Of course.

28. What’s your life motto?
Fall down 7 times, get up 8.

29. Most recent movie you watched?
Capote. I thought that it was pretty good. Philip Seymour Hoffman was just excellent.

30. What color are your bed sheets?
Right now they are light yellow and green with a bamboo print. I have to change them soon.

31. What is your favorite part of chicken?
I love boneless chicken thighs on the grill – very juicy!

32. I can’t wait till…
. . .my little business venture gets off the ground (more about this later).

33. What did you have for dinner last night?
I bought pizza dough and we made our own. G doesn’t eat cheese so he can’t eat regular pizza. He puts Tofutti cheese on his.

34. Have you ever smoked crack?
Hell No! I love watching Intervention though.

35. Do you own a gun?
Hell No!

36. What do you prefer to drink in the morning?
I love coffee but I’m currently off of it. I’ve been drinking green tea with jasmine.

37. Do you have A.D.D.?

38. What time did you wake up today?
4:15am – The neighborhood skunk was dancing under my window again. A couple of weeks ago I think that it sprayed my mini-van. Maybe it thinks that it’s some kind of giant Cheerios dispenser and it took possesion of it and marked it. I have to remember to stop brushing the Cheerios out onto the driveway.

39. Current worry?
Money and that I’ll never have another child because of it.

40. Current hate?
Our current administration and all its good deeds.

41. Where do you think you’ll be in 10 yrs?
ACH – I’ll be 50! Lordy, I still feel like I’m 12 sometimes.

42. Last thing you ate?
Last night’s pizza.

43. Last person that made you laugh?
That would be G.

44. Worst injury you’ve ever had?
My cesarean incision? Not really an injury but it was painful to recover from.

45. What is your favorite candy?
Dark chocolate in all its forms. Milk chocolate over caramel or whole hazlenuts. Regal Crown Sour Cherry and Callard & Bowser Black Licorice Toffee. Are we sensing a theme here? Chocolate or teeth killers.

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