P started calling me “Mom”. I have to say that I’m a little uncomfortable with it still. She’s my baby and I’m not ready for her to sound so grown up. I guess that it is also because I still call my parents “Mommy” and “Daddy”. I know that I’m not the only adult child in the world who does this but I always knew that it wasn’t the norm. I guess that it is just another part of the weirdness that is my family. I’m proud of her. She’s really trying to keep to her new name for me. It’s not like a Mommy doesn’t slip out every once and a while but I can hear her making the concious effort to call me Mom.

Recently, she’s also been obsessed with her Little Einstein’s DVD and with wearing her halloween costume. She is going to be June from the show. June is pretty cute and it is very convenient because we already have a ballet outfit (that we had to fight her into every Saturday last year when she was actually taking a ballet class). June wears earrings though and P’s ears are not pierced. I don’t believe in piercing a baby’s ears. I think that you should leave that choice up to the child. So I made her a pair of clip on earrings out of pipe cleaners and felt. They came out quite cute and she loves to wear them. As soon as we get home from School she wants to immediately change into her “ballet clothes” and puts on her earrings and her June headband and is calling me Mom and sometimes I feel like I’m sitting there with a 12 year old. Then of course she starts freaking out when it is time to change into jammies and go to bed and I’ve got my baby back once again.

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