Fat Lip

Last night before bed P tripped in the upstairs hallway and landed on her face. She got a bit of a bloody nose and a fat lip. She was being silly and slipped on the painted wood floor. We have a runner up there but that is where she landed. I always feel bad when she gets hurt but especially when she’s being silly. It’s awful to see them all carefree and happy one second and then hurt and bleeding the next. It’s like there not going to want to let go again. She usually milks all boo-boos for all their worth but she handled this one like a champ. I got some of her blood on my face and she was very concerned that I was ok. She told me that I had bleed on me. She held her little ice pack to her face like a dainty hankie until it went warm. I’m really glad that it didn’t happen moments earlier – we were getting very close to bedtime and I told her that we’d have to stop playing and take her allergy medicine (which she HATES – why oh why don’t they have Claritin redi-tabs for children her age? It would seem the perfect target audience!), brush teeth, go potty and then read books. She got very upset and asked to have more time to play. I was putting something away in her room and I heard her on my bed yelling – HURRY HURRY MOMMY WE HAVE TO PLAAAAY!!!!! Sometimees it feels like I’m constantly rushing and pushing her from one thing to another – pushing to get dressed in the morning, rushing out the door to school/work, pushing her into the car to go home, rushing to do everything before bedtime. I really try to keep her to a regular bedtime (8pm) so we don’t have that much time at the end of the day especially if we do something after school. Then you have to factor in the extra time spent on 3.75 year old nonsense. Anyway, I REALLY would have felt bad if she had hurt herself while rushing me to PLAAAAY. I would have wanted to give myself a fat lip, it would serve me right.

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