G and I were very worried about P and how she was going to fair this year. She had a terrible morning at school on Monday and we really expected the worst for Tuesday. She’s been having issues with following the daily routine at school. She would rather sit by herself and “read” her books than to participate in circle time or in the story time or do the project. I love that she loves books so much and she seems to memorize them very easily so that she can read them to herself. Sometimes she will make up her own stories too. I think that this is wonderful but I also want her to follow the program. I feel she’s at pre-school to learn about following routines and to listen to adults and to get along with other children. When her teachers challenge her at these times she will start whining and crying or at the worst start screaming! They’ve been trying to just ignore her but it is hard if she is doing this at naptime and everyone else is being kept awake by my shrieking child.

Well, I’m very pleased to report that she had a GREAT Halloween yesterday. She participated in all the morning activities and marched in the Halloween parade in the afternoon. Last year, she ran crying to G as soon as she saw him. This year she smiled and waved at us from her place in line – so cute! After school we paid a visit to our 89 year old neighbor Mrs. Potter. P was very patient and Mrs. Potter didn’t hear P’s stage whisper asking me if she had anything for P. We tried a little trick-or-treating after Mrs. Potter’s house but the first block we went to was pretty much a bust. As G took her to the next block I ran home to greet our trick-or-treaters. We were pretty busy – I ran out of candy (2 bags) and had to dig into our fruit snack supply. P gave out a little candy too but then she saw some scary masks and only wanted to come to the door for princesses.

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