Good Advice

During the Halloween party at P’s school one of the other mothers came up to G to tell him how much she thought of P and what a wonderful little girl she thought that she was. He immediately told her about all the “problems” that she’s been having at school lately, that it seems hard for her to follow the routine and that we often get notes home about her whining and crying. She said that she used to get daily notes home about her son’s behaviour. She was dealing with a lot of other stuff at home and the constant notes were upsetting her. She decided that unless he hurt someone else she was just going to chalk his bad behaviour up to normal pre-schooler stuff and she told them not to tell her about it. There’s a spot on the daily report that we take home where the teacher can circle if your child was “cooperative” or “uncooperative”, etc. The mom said that now she just gets the circles and not long drawn out reports on her child. I’m trying to listen to what she said because the guilt was really making us miserable. She’s one of the youngest children in the class and I also think that she is probably one of the few “only children” in the class too. It’s hard for her I know. She doesn’t get a whole lot of time around other children in our home. I worry that she spends too much time around adults where she is usually the center of attention. I’m going to try to remember all this and not freak out about it. If she’s not drawing blood, heck – she’s doing just fine, right?

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