Sparkle Toes

Last night P and I went to her gymnastics make-up class since we missed last Saturday’s class. She did incredibly well and I am so proud of her. First off, we had to eat at the mall because our favorite little pizza place near school is closed on Mondays. She only got crazy on me once or twice there. I was worried about it but she really behaved herself. We managed to get in and out without having to enter either Build-A-Bear or the Disney store. We got her this pair of shoes. She picked them out herself. My favorite part was watching her dance while we waited for her slice. When we got to the gym she immediately started playing with two little girls that were already there. They were playing her favorite game – run and catch me so she joined right in. Then two kids in her class showed up. I guess that this was their regular class. They are fraternal twins (a boy and a girl) and they are about 6 months older than P and three times her size. They were very surprised to see her there. One of the instructors was talking to the boy and he just kept chanting P’s name back. We didn’t know but yesterday’s theme was Open House so after the warm up they invited all the parents inside the room to observe. I thought that this would be a problem – I thought that I’d have her clinging and hanging on me the whole time but she didn’t – she was such a big girl. She only came over for occasional hugs and I only heard “I can’t dooit” once. Getting her into bed was a little tricky when we got home because it was just about bedtime when we walked in the door but all in all I’d say it was a success. Last night when she was running around in glee I reminded her that this is where she was going to have her birthday party and she beamed at me. I’m hoping for all good things that day. I’m pretty confident that everything is going to work out just fine.


P.S. Remember, vote the bums out today!!


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