Thanks America!

Wow, thanks America. I was worried that apologies were going to be in order again. But no!! Thank you so very much!! I told P that she’d have to come with me when I voted yesterday. When I picked her up from school yesterday she proudly told her teacher that she was going to “VOTE”! It was so cute. When we got there I was pleased to see it so busy. There were people walking out as we were walking in. It was great. P got a little shy when she saw the voting booths (my district still has the old fashioned machines – makes me feel like I’m voting for Eisenhower) but I picked her up and we took our turn. She helped me move our levers and then the giant red handle to finish our vote.

I stayed up late last night and I’m tired but it was worth it. Nothing makes me happier than disappointing George Bush and his ilk . . . he can take his “political capital” and shove . . oh, wait a minute – he doesn’t have any anymore.

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