Anaconda Vice

I don’t know what was up with P last night but it definitely wasn’t overt sleepiness. We had quite a bath – it quickly digressed into a screaming bath. When P was younger she HATED her bath and would scream from start to finish. Lately she’s been enjoying them. We’ve even been doing bubble bath. Last night when she came in the bathroom and saw the bubbly water she started whining that she didn’t want bubbles tonight. It was too late and besides I thought that she was just being contrary. Boy, was she contrary!! Anyhoo, after her bath she shrieked at me in her room for about 20 minutes about how she wanted to have another bath. She literally couldn’t calm herself down. I ended up having to just hold her. So, I thought that she’d be tired for bedtime after all that but I was so wrong. She seemed tired as I tucked her in at 8:30 but she never fell asleep. G came home and went upstairs to her room. That usually does it but she still didn’t fall asleep. So, when she still wasn’t asleep when he went to bed he let her come in our bed. Great idea! Her favorite way to sleep in our bed is to hold me in a Anaconda Vice. Usually she’ll fall asleep pretty quickly after she establishes the proper chin hold but not last night. She didn’t fall asleep until after 12:30 sometime . . . oiy! What a day she’s going to have at school. What a day us grownups are going to have . . . it might be a day to make my triumphant return to coffee.

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