Countdown to FOUR

With P’s 4th birthday less than 2 months away, I thought that I’d bore you with some of the more tedious aspects of the party planning.

Location: We’ve had the last three birthdays at our home. This year we’ve decided to have it at the Gym where she takes Gymnastics. I feel like we needed to start inviting the kids from her class at school and we can’t fit everyone and their parents in my house. Her birthday is in the first week of January and it is too hard to find indoor activities for such a large group. She is very happy with this idea and has been helping me draw up the list of people to invite. She’s already told me that she doesn’t want her little cousin “following her around” all day and that she’d like her friend Colin to sit next to her. Our party is scheduled for 4pm on a Saturday. This means we’ll be having a family party at our house for Lunch time with her grandparents and cousins and then we’ll all go to the Gym for her kid party with her friends afterwards.

Theme: Last year we had plates and napkins and a cake with Hello Kitty on them. I picked everything out and sprang it on her at party time. I feel strangely comfortable with Hello Kitty even though I don’t usually like overly commercial things for her and the fact that Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth. The cost of the party at the Gym includes all the paper goods and balloons so we’ll probably just have the themed stuff at home with the g-parents. That makes that a lot easier.

The Big Gift: Traditionally we’ll go in on a larger gift with my parents and my in-laws. Last year it was an art easel with all the trimmings. This year I wanted to get her one of these. I thought she’d really like it and she could store all her food toys inside of it but I just got a lot of eye rolling from my husband and Mother-In-Law. They think that it is too big and that she’ll never play with it. I think that she’d play with it constantly but perhaps they are right about the size thing. Now we’re thinking of getting her a real bed. She’s still sleeping in her converted crib. The mattress is awful. It feels like cardboard and it’s covered in plastic. Her room is the size of a postage stamp so we’ll probably end up with a junior bed of some kind but it will be a lot more comfy. I’m looking at ones from Ikea – they are very inexpensive.

The Big Worry: Sometimes P becomes a whiny, clingy mess at Gymnastics and sometimes she doesn’t. I’m hoping that she’ll pull it out for her party. I think that she will but it is still in the back of my mind.

There, I think I’ve covered everything that I’m thinking about right now. . . . . I’ll keep you posted as we go a long . . .

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