Monday the 13th

I’m not sure what to write about today. The month is almost half over and I have to say that I’ve really been enjoying doing this everyday. I’m not sure anyone is reading but I’ve enjoyed the writing. Today though . . . I was thinking that I’d find a cool meme to do for you and then I thought that might be an oxymoron. I found some wacky photos on google but like I said – uh, never mind.

I’m still thinking about Kristine. Kristine was an accomplished athlete who played Beach Volleyball on a professional level. Her best finish was 13th at the US Open in 1994. After leaving Volleyball she worked as a personal trainer and fitness coach. That’s what makes this all so unbelieveable.

Her 4 year old daughter was with her when she collapsed at the park. The little girl apologized to her dad for “taking Mommy to the park”. Gosh, that just breaks my heart. It was actually a good thing that they were already at the park when it happened because Kristine could have been driving. I wonder how she’ll remember her mom as she grows up. I don’t think I remember much from being 4. She’ll definitely remember that day at the park and sadly that may be all she remembers over time. I wish that she could remember every day because I know that Kristine does.

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