Five for a Tuesday

For your blogging amusement:

Five (because I can’t manage ten) things that I loved in childhood (that I want my daughter to love too)

1. Group singing – I’d always get all choked up at summer camp when everyone sang together. Sometimes when the audience sings along on Prairie Home Companion I start to blubber.
2. English Muffin Pizzas – I’ll always love my english muffin pizzas though no one seems to like them as much as I do.
3. Performing – Right now she’s quite shy of showing off infront of others but give her time. From ballet recitals to the first time I sang in the elementary school auditorium I knew that this was my drug.
4. Horses – Not every girl gets hooked on them but oh . . . I still swoon.
5. Movie Musicals – I’m not sure how this will happen unless we start investing all our savings in a geriatric DVD library. When I was a kid they showed them on TV on Sunday afternoons, etc., remember those days? My excitement and joy while watching these movies brought me to number 3 on the list. All hail Donald O’Connor!

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