Break the spell

P has developed a taste for sleeping in our bed lately. More here. When she was a baby we were so careful about this and she was sleeping in her crib as soon as she was too big for the bassinet. She slept better and we did too. Whenever we go traveling or visit grandparents we all sleep in the same bed. She doesn’t seem to like this too much. She tosses, turns, kicks and now a new thing – whimpers (great!). When she was younger it would only take a couple of nights to break the spell and for her to get used to her own bed alone again. As she gets older obviously it is not going as smoothly. Monday night she didn’t sleep well – she was up past 10:30 and only fell asleep because she was holding onto my head. Thankfully this was in her own bed. Yesterday at school despite being very tired from the night before P did not take a nap. This usually means that she will sleep like a stone but alas, not this time. She fell right asleep last night. She wanted to hold my head again but I told her that she didn’t need that, she would fall right asleep and she did. At 1AM she woke up crying and I stupidly took her into our bed. I know that she was exhausted but she didn’t fall right asleep – she whimpered for at least an hour or so even though we kept asking her to stop, asking her what’s wrong, etc. I didn’t want to threaten to send her back to her bed if she didn’t stop because that makes sleeping alone a punishment in that situation. What we have to do the next time is bite the bullet and bring her back to her bed and let her hold my head or G’s foot or WHATEVER and she’ll certainly cry and fuss and we’ll lay there awake listening to her whimper in her bed – and this will go on for WAAAY longer than it has before but we have to break the spell . . . or else I’m going to start whimpering.

Or, maybe I should just wait until after Thanksgiving – that’s going to be potentially 3 nights in a row of togetherness at my sister-in-law’s and then back to my mother-in-law’s. Oiy!!!!!!

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