Arias and freight trains

Yesterday was my second lesson with my new aria. It was great. I didn’t feel in the best voice yesterday. This not sleeping thing is getting to be a bummer. I hope I’m not catching G’s cold – I probably am seeing as how I had a flu shot the other day. Anyhoo, we worked on my enunciation of the French. I’ve been listening to Maria Callas’ version of the piece and she e-nun-ciates each word very accurately – very different from Ms. Horne. My teacher wants mine to be more Horne-like. The softer the vowels and consonants the better sound I get sometimes. It is really interesting.

We had a playdate yesterday! We went to see my friend K and her two boys. K and I took Lamaze together and her older son M, was born a couple of weeks after P. They haven’t played so nicely together the last few times we’ve been there but last night was pretty good. M has a thing for sticking his face right in P’s face which she definitely does not like but we’re working on that. It was really nice to see my friend. The weather was crazy last night. It’s been extremely warm around here lately for November. A cold front is moving in today and the wind and rain came last night. We heard about tornado warnings on the radio on our way over there. When we were getting out of the car. I kept turning around because the sound that the wind was making through the trees really scared me. It made me think of how hurricane and tornado survivors say, “it sounded like a freight train”. This wind wasn’t quite that strong but it definitely had some power. I snatched P out of the car and we ran into the house.

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