Introducing my new fiance . . . .

snowmanIsn’t he a dreamboat? I am so proud of the way this came out I just had to show you. I got the pattern here. I think that I need to make some
My husband keeps calling him Slash because he says there’s a similarity but I just don’t see it. I mean, no one bothered to embroider holly on his damn hat. I was going to include a picture here of Mr. Slash for you to compare but it just interfered too much with the infinite, wholesome cuteness of Bo that I couldn’t.

So I guess that this is it, huh? I’m going to write soon – I promise. Just maybe not right away – not tomorrow! I have really enjoyed writing everyday even though you probably haven’t. Here are my nominees for the Roolalenska NABLOPOMEES:

1. WORST POST OF THE MONTH: Celebrity Crush Haiku – John Cusack – It’s not that I don’t love you John but it’s just not a very good Haiku. I think George’s came out much better.

2. BEST GLOAT OF THE MONTH: Thank you America! – this all still makes me smile!

3. CUTEST IMAGE OF THE MONTH: (not counting your’s truly up there) Anaconda Vice.

. . . . and drumroll please . . . .

4. BEST POST OF THE MONTH: A story in which a daughter visits her Mother’s office and the Mother is thankful – I probably would have told you about this one anyway but it is such a good story that I have to award it something. I think this one also wins BEST P MOMENT but A P-Post runs a close second.

Thank you for reading!!


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