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There’s a ladybug on my desk

Yes folks, there’s a ladybug on my desk. It is P’s new pet. We’ve kind of named her Arthur after a pet butterfly in a recent episode of Angelina Ballerina. It’s her official name though we usually just call her Ladybug. This all started last Thursday. I was in the bathroom and saw a ladybug crawling on the bath tub. I decided to pretend it wasn’t there because I guess I glimpsed the future and it included ladybug-sitting but P walked in and spotted it and it was all over then. The ladybug was very content to walk on our hands and didn’t seem to want to get away from us. She endured much petting and handling from P. She was trying to be as gentle as she could be but I was worried that we’d squash the poor thing in the process. In hindsight she was probably weak from dehydration and didn’t have enough energy to escape. We put her in a plastic container with many holes punched in the top and P brought her to school that day. Later on at home I started worrying about feeding the ladybug and found this. We promptly put a wet paper towel and raisin in the container. The next day P insisted we let the ladybug out so she can walk on her hands again. I told her that she might want to fly away if we let her out of her box. I told her that the ladybug wasn’t like a dog and we couldn’t tell her to stay if she didn’t want to. Well, you all know what happened next, right? It was actually quite cute – the ladybug walked up P’s finger and jumped/flew to the next finger and we smiled at how clever she was and then she jumped/flew away. P insisted we look for her and we did but she was gone, gone, gone. I was a little sad to see her gone. I kind of liked having her around. I always tried to keep the ladybugs that I found when I was a kid but they always either died or escaped. Saturday morning P found the ladybug in our bedroom. I’m pretty sure that this is a different ladybug than the first one – but we are saying that it is the same one. On Monday we went to Target and we got her an official bug box home. They have the cutest stuff designed by David Kirk. I think that all that Miss Spider stuff is a bit creepy but he has a really adorable kitty design this year. I was trying to find a link to some kind of image but no dice (Target’s website sucks)! P is content to have the ladybug stay in her box. She is showing a great deal of restraint I think. I’ll have to remember to snap a picture of our little friend and her new diggs to share with you. Anyhoo, P brought the ladybug to school again with her yesterday and since I thought we shouldn’t drive the teachers totally nuts I brought her with me today. I don’t want to leave her in the house all day. We turn the heat down so much when were not there I’d be worrying that she was freezing to death. We’ll try to keep her alive as long as we can. I’m enjoying all the ladybug interaction with P. We had her box set in a sunbeam on a table and P was watching her happily jumping and walking around inside. She was wearing her sunglasses while doing this. I said,

“Wow, Ladybug really seems to like the sunshine”. P thought for a minute
and said,
“No, I think she just likes my glasses”.

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Five Things

Susan asked us to name “five things no one knows about you”. I know that this was weeks ago but since she’s only recently escaped her house, maybe she’s lost track of time by now . . .

  1. I have a system – I wouldn’t call myself obsessive compulsive by any means but there are some little things that I must obey . . . when I do dishes – I need to wash and then put everything in the drainer (yes, we have no dishwasher – bet you didn’t know that!) in size order. Dinner plates and platters go in first and then all the smaller dishes in order. I also like it when you allow the water to drip off the dish before it goes into the drainer. This helps to prevent the goo from accumulating at the bottom of the drainer.
  2. I usually loathe cigarette smoke but . . . I would let this guy blow smoke on my pillow.
  3. I hate my cesarean scar – My cesarean scar healed very badly. The area developed into a keloid-like scar. Not to gross anyone out but it actually protrudes from my body and sometimes my clothing gets caught on it. I’ve talked with my doctor about revising it but he suggested doing that only after we’ve decided we’re done having children. He said that they could “re-do” it now but if I were delivering another baby the new cesarean would take care of that. This of course forces the 2nd baby issue into the fore front again. Also, I just thought that healing from a new cesarean scar without the accompanying pregnancy/baby might be especially dispiriting for me. On the other hand I’d have a new tummy. I’m turning 41 in a couple of months and I don’t want to be much older and still be trying. I don’t think that is for me. G is pretty much decided against having another one because he is worried about money. I agree that it would be a struggle – especially the child care – but what else are you going to make sacrifices for if not your family??
  4. I love me some Nerd TV – Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica (this may be too good to be classified as nerdy – or does that comment seal the deal?), Enterprise (do we see a pattern here?) and my new favorite Heroes.
  5. I still miss summer camp – I went to Camp Thoreau in upstate NY the summers of 1975, 1976 and 1977 (YIKES I’m getting old!!!!!) If you look carefully at the picture below, I’m the girl in the front row, right side, hugging her knees and sitting next to the kid in the hat. It was a great camp and even though I LOVED it – I became immovably homesick my last summer there and insisted on going home in the middle of the summer instead of staying the whole two months as I was supposed to. The place was filled with music. We sang every day after lunch and again in the evenings. I cannot tell you how much this meant to me. You could tell that you were finally a real camper when you had memorized all the words to all the songs. They had us singing all kind of political songs, anti-war songs, (remember, the war had just ended and we were several years after Watergate), union songs and protest songs (Guantanamera, No More Genocide(in my name), Birmingham Sunday, etc.)but we didn’t know the difference. I’m not sure what happened, I just got it into my head that I wanted to go home and I can’t remember exactly why. It’s not like I was going back to my super fun and happy home life?! Especially with my Dad griping about how much money I was costing him (the camp director refused to refund any of the cost of the second month that I did not stay for). I didn’t know this then but this would become a recurring theme in our relationship and not a positive one either. Like I said, I really loved it there I just couldn’t let anyone know for some reason. It reminds me of something that P started doing recently. I noticed that she was covering her mouth a lot at her gymnastics class and when I asked her why she said that she didn’t want anyone to see her smile. She was having a good time but for some reason, she didn’t want anyone to know. Is this genetic? I hope so, because I’d hate to think that I somehow taught her that behavior. I guess that she figures that she gets more sympathy or attention if she pretends to be sad all the time? That is awful!! I’m going to have to do something about this because I know from experience that if you do that long enough you’ll end up really being sad all the time. Ugh. Anyhoo, I’ve always regretted leaving early. It’s funny because we actually live in the same town that Thoreau was located in. I didn’t like our house too much at first (thank you G for having the vision) but I did warm to it because it was in Thoreau’s town. It is also part of what drove me to work at this camp during college in the late 80’s (YIKES, I’m O.L.D.). This camp couldn’t have been more different from Thoreau if they were on separate planets – which they kind of were. It’s amazing, it was only 10 years later but the kids, the counselors, the cultural vernacular – the whole shebang was so so different. I had a good time, don’t get me wrong and I loved my kids but it was in no way the same. I guess that you really can never go home again.

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Oiy, has it really been that long?

I just logged on and saw the date of my last posting – oiy! I’ve been quite neglectful lately. I guess once NaBloPoMo was all done I couldn’t keep up. How pathetic, eh? Well, quite a lot has happened since then – we had a few holidays in there and we had the P’s 4th Birthday . . . I’ll just try to update you on the major stuff (and some of the minor too).

  1. I lost my job at the end of November – I didn’t tell you about it when it happened. I was still in a little bit of shock all through Thanksgiving. We’ve cut P’s daycare days down to three and I’m out there looking for something else. I still earn commission from any sales that I make but I don’t have a salary anymore. I’m hoping that this will mean bigger and better things for me in the near future but it still sucks . . . .
  2. P and I handled G’s trip to California (December 16th to December 21st) like champions. After the second time drove down the driveway and P saw G’s car parked there and asked if Daddy was home – she got the hang of it. I was all stealthy and moved his car in and out of the garage to make it look like we weren’t all alone in the house. He was gone for 5 days total. P and I busied ourselves with various pre-Christmas projects. We even made cookies in the toaster oven – I don’t trust my bleepin’ oven anymore – thank goodness I bought those Pampered Chef Mini-Cookie Cutters! We were SO happy to see him when he came home. I was glad that he went and supported his friend through what most be the most awful time of his family’s life. I just got a tiny taste of what it would be to be a “single” mom (and I still got to talk to G everyday) and it was really really hard to not be lonesome.
  3. I have two new blog crushes that I want to tell you about . . . Karla at Untangling Knots just came home with her gorgeous baby boy Nate and I couldn’t be happier for anyone that I don’t really know. Her writing is so eloquent and inspiring and I can’t wait to follow her through her parenthood journey. Also, you must must read Antonia at Whoopie. She’s so funny and cheeky and cool. She also has a brand new baby at home (I’m sensing a pattern here) – her precious daughter Esme. I’m also enjoying Strollerderby and the always delicious Orangette.
  4. Our holidays were pretty nice all around. We didn’t travel that far (My Sister-in-Law’s and Mother-in-Law’s) and my parents behaved themselves. P was the most excited I’ve ever seen her on Christmas Eve (we open presents on the Eve). I swear her eyes were like pins! She loved her Pink Kid-Tough Camera (thank you ebay!) and her ballerina Zoey doll. G gave me a great pair of candy striped rubber wellington boots. I feel so cool wearing them. I was sick throughout the holiday. My sore throat started on Christmas Eve (of course). I was toying with the idea of singing my aria for everyone on Christmas Day but I decided against it. I would say that all in all it was a good Christmas – we had a good time but I was very very glad that it was over.
  5. We went out on New Year’s Eve. It was just to a kid-friendly get-together at a friend’s house but we were out none-the-less. G wasn’t feeling so great (it was his turn for the cold) so we left at 10pm and we got cozy on the couch with Dick Clark, etc. The adult company was nice at the party but our friend’s son doesn’t seem to like P much anymore. She told me that he was saying mean things to her and didn’t want to play with her. We took Lamaze classes with his parents so our “babies” have been friends since they were babies. I understand that he might be moving into a boy vs. girls phase or maybe he’s just a jerk?
  6. New Year’s Day we went and got P a “big girl bed” for her birthday. Her room looks so freakin’ adorable now. I love it. She had been sleeping in her converted crib up until now. She loves it too. She’s been having a little trouble falling asleep in her bed without us there holding her but we’re working on it. She did great last night so I’m hoping for good things now.
  7. P’s birthday party was a GRAND SUCCESS. We brought cupcakes to her school on her actual birthday. She was great. This is her third year of birthday parties there and she has never been so well behaved. The first year I wanted to disappear into the carpet when she started to throw a tremendous screaming kicking-on-the-floor fit when she realized that we weren’t leaving when I got there. This time she helped to hand the cupcakes out to her friends and happily snapped pictures of everyone. After school we took her to Build-A-Bear. She was still sleeping with a binky and we’ve been telling her that you can’t have a binky when you turn 4. We told her that we’d get her a Build-A-Bear and we’d put her binky inside of it. She was super excited about the new Peep in her life but later asked me if we could take the binky out at bedtime. The next day was Saturday and we had both sets of Grandparents at our house for lunch before her kid party. Everything went well at home. Everyone seemed to get equal P-time and attention because you have to know that someone is keeping score. Her kid party was terrific. She exceeed my expectations and only needed parental intervention once and this was right before the pizza was served so it’s understandable. I was so proud of her and so happy to see her surrounded by kids who seemed to really like her. She got a lot of cute stuff and only one thing that I would never have bought for her myself – this (ours thankfully seems to stick to the script).

I think that you are all caught up now . . . I promise not to let this happen again! (Note: fingers only slightly crossed on that last line)

Happy New Year to all!!

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