Oiy, has it really been that long?

I just logged on and saw the date of my last posting – oiy! I’ve been quite neglectful lately. I guess once NaBloPoMo was all done I couldn’t keep up. How pathetic, eh? Well, quite a lot has happened since then – we had a few holidays in there and we had the P’s 4th Birthday . . . I’ll just try to update you on the major stuff (and some of the minor too).

  1. I lost my job at the end of November – I didn’t tell you about it when it happened. I was still in a little bit of shock all through Thanksgiving. We’ve cut P’s daycare days down to three and I’m out there looking for something else. I still earn commission from any sales that I make but I don’t have a salary anymore. I’m hoping that this will mean bigger and better things for me in the near future but it still sucks . . . .
  2. P and I handled G’s trip to California (December 16th to December 21st) like champions. After the second time drove down the driveway and P saw G’s car parked there and asked if Daddy was home – she got the hang of it. I was all stealthy and moved his car in and out of the garage to make it look like we weren’t all alone in the house. He was gone for 5 days total. P and I busied ourselves with various pre-Christmas projects. We even made cookies in the toaster oven – I don’t trust my bleepin’ oven anymore – thank goodness I bought those Pampered Chef Mini-Cookie Cutters! We were SO happy to see him when he came home. I was glad that he went and supported his friend through what most be the most awful time of his family’s life. I just got a tiny taste of what it would be to be a “single” mom (and I still got to talk to G everyday) and it was really really hard to not be lonesome.
  3. I have two new blog crushes that I want to tell you about . . . Karla at Untangling Knots just came home with her gorgeous baby boy Nate and I couldn’t be happier for anyone that I don’t really know. Her writing is so eloquent and inspiring and I can’t wait to follow her through her parenthood journey. Also, you must must read Antonia at Whoopie. She’s so funny and cheeky and cool. She also has a brand new baby at home (I’m sensing a pattern here) – her precious daughter Esme. I’m also enjoying Strollerderby and the always delicious Orangette.
  4. Our holidays were pretty nice all around. We didn’t travel that far (My Sister-in-Law’s and Mother-in-Law’s) and my parents behaved themselves. P was the most excited I’ve ever seen her on Christmas Eve (we open presents on the Eve). I swear her eyes were like pins! She loved her Pink Kid-Tough Camera (thank you ebay!) and her ballerina Zoey doll. G gave me a great pair of candy striped rubber wellington boots. I feel so cool wearing them. I was sick throughout the holiday. My sore throat started on Christmas Eve (of course). I was toying with the idea of singing my aria for everyone on Christmas Day but I decided against it. I would say that all in all it was a good Christmas – we had a good time but I was very very glad that it was over.
  5. We went out on New Year’s Eve. It was just to a kid-friendly get-together at a friend’s house but we were out none-the-less. G wasn’t feeling so great (it was his turn for the cold) so we left at 10pm and we got cozy on the couch with Dick Clark, etc. The adult company was nice at the party but our friend’s son doesn’t seem to like P much anymore. She told me that he was saying mean things to her and didn’t want to play with her. We took Lamaze classes with his parents so our “babies” have been friends since they were babies. I understand that he might be moving into a boy vs. girls phase or maybe he’s just a jerk?
  6. New Year’s Day we went and got P a “big girl bed” for her birthday. Her room looks so freakin’ adorable now. I love it. She had been sleeping in her converted crib up until now. She loves it too. She’s been having a little trouble falling asleep in her bed without us there holding her but we’re working on it. She did great last night so I’m hoping for good things now.
  7. P’s birthday party was a GRAND SUCCESS. We brought cupcakes to her school on her actual birthday. She was great. This is her third year of birthday parties there and she has never been so well behaved. The first year I wanted to disappear into the carpet when she started to throw a tremendous screaming kicking-on-the-floor fit when she realized that we weren’t leaving when I got there. This time she helped to hand the cupcakes out to her friends and happily snapped pictures of everyone. After school we took her to Build-A-Bear. She was still sleeping with a binky and we’ve been telling her that you can’t have a binky when you turn 4. We told her that we’d get her a Build-A-Bear and we’d put her binky inside of it. She was super excited about the new Peep in her life but later asked me if we could take the binky out at bedtime. The next day was Saturday and we had both sets of Grandparents at our house for lunch before her kid party. Everything went well at home. Everyone seemed to get equal P-time and attention because you have to know that someone is keeping score. Her kid party was terrific. She exceeed my expectations and only needed parental intervention once and this was right before the pizza was served so it’s understandable. I was so proud of her and so happy to see her surrounded by kids who seemed to really like her. She got a lot of cute stuff and only one thing that I would never have bought for her myself – this (ours thankfully seems to stick to the script).

I think that you are all caught up now . . . I promise not to let this happen again! (Note: fingers only slightly crossed on that last line)

Happy New Year to all!!

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2 thoughts on “Oiy, has it really been that long?

  1. Susan says:

    Okay, I’m all caught up now!So sorry about your job. I hope this turns out to be a wonderful opportunity for you.And did P like her ballerina jewelry box?

  2. Roola Lenska says:

    The job thing sucks right now but I know that it will only mean good things in the end. P loves her music box. The first thing she did though was to figure out how to remove the tiny ballerina from her perch . . . oh well. She does enjoy putting her “treasures” in there. These used to include a dead ladybug but the poor thing disintergrated after so much attention. She told me that she’d like to keep a real one in there. I told her that the ladybug might not enjoy that. She looked at me with a serious face and said that she would feed it leaves. I fear undercover ladybug rescue in my future.

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