There’s a ladybug on my desk

Yes folks, there’s a ladybug on my desk. It is P’s new pet. We’ve kind of named her Arthur after a pet butterfly in a recent episode of Angelina Ballerina. It’s her official name though we usually just call her Ladybug. This all started last Thursday. I was in the bathroom and saw a ladybug crawling on the bath tub. I decided to pretend it wasn’t there because I guess I glimpsed the future and it included ladybug-sitting but P walked in and spotted it and it was all over then. The ladybug was very content to walk on our hands and didn’t seem to want to get away from us. She endured much petting and handling from P. She was trying to be as gentle as she could be but I was worried that we’d squash the poor thing in the process. In hindsight she was probably weak from dehydration and didn’t have enough energy to escape. We put her in a plastic container with many holes punched in the top and P brought her to school that day. Later on at home I started worrying about feeding the ladybug and found this. We promptly put a wet paper towel and raisin in the container. The next day P insisted we let the ladybug out so she can walk on her hands again. I told her that she might want to fly away if we let her out of her box. I told her that the ladybug wasn’t like a dog and we couldn’t tell her to stay if she didn’t want to. Well, you all know what happened next, right? It was actually quite cute – the ladybug walked up P’s finger and jumped/flew to the next finger and we smiled at how clever she was and then she jumped/flew away. P insisted we look for her and we did but she was gone, gone, gone. I was a little sad to see her gone. I kind of liked having her around. I always tried to keep the ladybugs that I found when I was a kid but they always either died or escaped. Saturday morning P found the ladybug in our bedroom. I’m pretty sure that this is a different ladybug than the first one – but we are saying that it is the same one. On Monday we went to Target and we got her an official bug box home. They have the cutest stuff designed by David Kirk. I think that all that Miss Spider stuff is a bit creepy but he has a really adorable kitty design this year. I was trying to find a link to some kind of image but no dice (Target’s website sucks)! P is content to have the ladybug stay in her box. She is showing a great deal of restraint I think. I’ll have to remember to snap a picture of our little friend and her new diggs to share with you. Anyhoo, P brought the ladybug to school again with her yesterday and since I thought we shouldn’t drive the teachers totally nuts I brought her with me today. I don’t want to leave her in the house all day. We turn the heat down so much when were not there I’d be worrying that she was freezing to death. We’ll try to keep her alive as long as we can. I’m enjoying all the ladybug interaction with P. We had her box set in a sunbeam on a table and P was watching her happily jumping and walking around inside. She was wearing her sunglasses while doing this. I said,

“Wow, Ladybug really seems to like the sunshine”. P thought for a minute
and said,
“No, I think she just likes my glasses”.

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