Where we are so far

We’re on the slow road to recovery here at Chez Lenska. It’s just going to take a while to get us back to our version of “normal”. G gets better and stronger every day. We unwrap his knee every couple of days to air it out and it always looks smaller. The swelling has gone down quite a bit. We go to see the doctor tomorrow and while G realizes that the doctor may spend all of two seconds with us he’s putting a lot of hope into the visit. He’s hoping that the doctor will tell him that he’s progressing nicely (which I think that he is) and give us the game plan for the next couple of weeks. I’m hoping that he’ll be able to start therapy now. It will give him something to work for.

P was having twice daily meltdowns for a while but she’s getting better at coping now. I can’t blame her. She has issues with sharing as it is (she’s an only!) and now she’s got to share me with Daddy all the time. Of course she was sharing me before but now it is so much more in her face. I never had to help Daddy change his clothes or take a shower before. Those are things that I do for her after all! She is so sweet with G and I can see that she’s trying very hard to remember which of his legs she can touch. Understandably, she is also very concerned about my well being. I had a sore foot from shoveling the sidewalk in front of our house on Friday morning (note to self: next time shovel the sidewalk before the 8″ of fluffy snow has formed into a solid block of ice) and when she saw me wince she ran and got the Bactene spray out of the drawer and had me help her give me a spritz.

As if I don’t have enough things to worry about as it is, we now have not 1 but 2 ladybugs. G managed to help her catch one in the living room last week – bless his hobbling heart! I do enjoy taking care of them though. I noticed that they much prefer when I leave drops of water on the mesh of their bug box home to their damp paper towel. Last night they both ran over and stuck their heads in the water. I find myself worrying if their raisin dried out too much and whether they’d like a slice of pear or golden apple. Our first ladybug is very large – “she” almost looks like a London Bus – and has large spots. The second ladybug is very tiny and has tiny spots. I’m hoping that they’ll both make it to spring time so that they can be set free and actually eat some aphids – though I worry that they might not know how?

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