Monthly Archives: May 2007

Where have you been?

I’m terrible at this. I’m sorry to have ignored you for so long. There has been a lot going on and not a lot of will and/or energy to share it with whomever out there was listening.
** cue crickets **
G is doing a lot better. He’s still on crutches yet valiantly hauls himself to NYC to go to work every day. This is an almost 3 hour commute each way. He is supposed to be graduating to a cane soon. I’m so proud of him. He’s miserable but he does what he has to without too much complaining. It is amazing how one moment can change your life so utterly. That sounds very cliche but it is so true.

I stopped working in March so that I could help him out more and save money on gas, etc. P stopped school at the end of April and we have been SAHM&D ever since. I’m still looking for another job but in the meantime we are playdating it up. She’s adjusting but still misses her school. She has a birthday party for a former classmate coming up next weekend and that will be nice opportunity to see all her old pals. We’ve been going to a lot of parks and she’s had to learn to deal with new kids and new situations and I think that it has been really good for her. We’re both learning to make new friends. I’m the shy mother of a shy daughter so it is hard to remember that I need to be modeling some interactions for her. We’ve been getting along pretty well and she’s been behaving herself. The beast emerges on the weekends – when Daddy’s around. This is when she acts like she hates me and freaks out in public places. It’s really fun!! She’s had to deal with a lot of changes in her life and I think that she is doing very well considering that she is only 4. I see her getting braver and growing stronger each day and I am very very proud of her.

I’m going to try to get back here on a more regular basis now. I spend most of my computer time on the job hunt but I can find time for this if I try.

Thank you for listening to me.