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I got a job!! Finally. Amen. I’m so relieved to be an employed person again. Poor G has been under so much pressure to “bring home the bacon” all while trying to recuperate from his disastrous disaster. I hope that he can now feel like he’s not carrying the entire weight of our little family’s survival all on his own. The job is much closer to home than my last one. I can’t tell you what a difference those extra 10 to 15 minutes are going to make in my life and in P’s life. Yesterday it took me exactly 16 minutes to drive home from her new school. Woo-hoo!

Throwing rocks
The concrete stoop at our back door is crumbling. My father-in-law is going to try to help us fix it this summer. P likes to pick at all the little rocks on the crumbly side. The other day she was in a pouty mood – I told her not to dig too close to our poor neglected sunflower seedlings in the flower bed. She was sitting on the stoop and tossing the little rocks one by one onto the driveway infront of us. I didn’t want her doing this but I often feel like I’m constantly telling her she can’t do stuff. Instead I said,

ME: You know what P? Mommy’s going to have to pick up everyone of those rocks that you’ve thrown.
P: Why?
ME: Daddy might trip on them when he comes home. Daddy can’t really bend down to pick them up himself.
A couple more rocks go flying
ME: Do you want to give Mommy one more thing to do around here?
P: Yes.
More rocks go flying. Then she started tossing them over her shoulder and the throws started to get wilder. When one of the rocks landed next to the cat I said that she had to stop now. She did so without any protest.
P: You can start picking up the rocks now.
ME: No, I’ll do it later. I’m not doing it for your entertainment.
As soon as I said this, she quietly got up and started picking up the rocks herself.

ME: Do you want help?
P: Yes.
We picked them all up together.


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