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A Doggy Story

This is one of P’s favorite stories that I tell. I’m not sure why I’m telling it to you. I guess I just want to record it. Warning: this story contains some yucky description of disgusting doggy behavior.

I used to live in Park Slope Brooklyn. I moved from down on 4th Avenue up to 8th Avenue one block from Prospect Park. It was after dark on that first night in my new place and I took the dogs for a walk and we went into the park. We went to the park daily when we lived down on 4th Ave and once we got inside the park I let them off leash like I normally did. For some reason this time they immediately jumped into some bushes. A woman who was walking her dog nearby saw them running in there and called out to me that I should get them out of there because some of the local homeless people used it as a bathroom. I ran in after my dogs and as soon as my head got inside the bushes I smelled trouble. The next thing I see is my white dog Danny rolling in what I’m assuming is excrement (and yup, I was right). He is diving on the ground and smearing it all over his neck. Then I turn and see my other dog Dylan trying to scarf up as much of the poop as possible before I pull her away. Now, I ask you dear reader – which is worse? Having a dog that has rolled in poop or a dog that has just eaten poop? I don’t know, it’s a toss up. Anyhoo, I start yelling my head off and get them back both on the leash, I’m not sure how because I can’t bear to touch either of them. I drag them home, pull them into my brand new, white postage stamp sized bathroom and start trying to bathe Danny. He smells so terrible and I have to struggle to keep him from alternately jumping out of the tub and/or shaking and spraying his wet, poop covered hair all over the walls. Dylan is whining and panting next to us because she thinks that she is going to be next and her breath is just terrible. I finally get him cleaned up but somehow it seems like I haven’t totally gotten the smell out. I think I dried him off with paper towels because I couldn’t bear to use any of mine and I hadn’t unpacked the doggie towels yet. Finally I’m done with Danny and we all go back into my bedroom and I sit on my bed – which is about the only thing that is set up in the whole place – my bed with my new rug under it that a friend gave me. I’m finally relaxing and the dogs are there looking at me because they’re nervous about the new apartment and they’re watching my every move and follow me everywhere. I think I might have taken a couple of deep breaths before I start hearing a funny sound and then realize that it is Dylan and she’s retching. Then before I know it, she is puking up her recent “meal” all over my brand new rug in my brand new apartment on my very first night in it. I don’t remember what I did next. I’m sure there was some shrieking involved. Ah, the pleasures of dog ownership. I remember them well. I do miss my dogs sometimes and then other times I remember . . .


Woo-hoo Part Two

Other than my complete lack of discipline for updating this blog I’ve been doing pretty well lately. I’m quickly getting used to my new job. It’s in a completely new field for me and I’ve been learning a lot of new things. I can’t believe how much I love only having to drive 16 minutes each way! It makes such an unbelievable difference – never mind that it now takes me two weeks to go through a tank of gas.

P started at a new school that is minutes away from my job. It is a place that I had driven by a thousand times before but never had given a second thought to. I just decided to walk in there and check it out on my way home from my job interview and I’m so glad that I did. I don’t know what it is exactly about this place but I’ve seen such a big difference in P’s behavior and attitude. When she started at her old school (right before she turned two) she had just had her ear tubes put in and was still a bit behind with her speech and motor skills. She was also the youngest and the smallest in her group and would remain so until she left. The teachers loved her there and I do appreciate the care and attention that they gave her but I feel that they also babied her and didn’t ask enough of her. She is obviously very bright and knows a lot of preschool basic stuff (letters, numbers, colors, shapes, etc.) but she also tends to stay in her shell when not at home and is cautious about sharing herself and having fun with other kids. She’d come home from her old school and tell me how her classmates had done this project, etc., and when I’d ask her if she did it, she’d say no and when I’d ask why she’d say it was because she was “sitting on Miss Michelle’s lap” or something similar. That would just burn me up! This place was incredibly expensive too – equal to a car payment a week!! Not that a higher price equals higher quality but I think I could’ve found glorified babysitting for a bit less. Her new school is less money for the same amount of hours. They don’t have the same high quality menu as the old one – her old school was part of a nursing home and the kids received a 3 course, nutritionally balanced hot lunch that changed every four weeks plus snacks – but I’m willing to deal with that. Now I have to make her lunch everyday and I consider it good practice for Kindergarten. Now when she comes home from school she tells me about the activities they did that day, she singing a song she learned or wants to play a game that they played. She also has friends that she plays with and told me that she has a “best friend” and that they met at “the sprinkler”. This little girl is in her class and I don’t know if she is even aware she is my daughter’s “best friend” but it doesn’t matter to me. I’m just so thrilled for her!! We went to a birthday party at a friend’s home on Saturday. The party was set up outside like a carnival with a bouncy house, kiddie pool, face painting, tattoos, games, etc. They also had an elaborate jungle gym. She’s known the kids at this party ever since she was very small but doesn’t see them super regularly or anything. I was curious to see how she’d do in this new situation and she did fantastically well. She played with the other kids, she played on all the stuff, she didn’t freak out at cake time*. It was great.

One of our friends showed up at the birthday party on crutches and his foot in a removable cast. When we asked him what happened he said that he was mowing his lawn with his push mower when he lost his balance and fell and his mower mowed over his foot. He just happened to be wearing steel toed boots so he only broke his foot. If he hadn’t been wearing those boots he would have surely lost part of his foot. In fact he said that he remembers choosing his foot wear before going out to mow the lawn that day. He found himself choosing between sandals, sneakers and steel toed boots. It was a hot summer day and he chose the steel toed boots for some reason. I know that he is very glad that he did.

*Does anyone else have this problem? She freaks out at cake time at other kid’s parties. She covers her ears and whines that everyone is singing too loud then refuses to sit at the table with the other children and eat the cake, etc. It is so embarrassing! I sat her down after the last birthday party we went to where she pulled this act and told her that she was being rude and she was messing up so-and-so’s special moment at their birthday and she seemed to get the message.

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