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Halloween Preview

I’m really looking forward to Halloween tomorrow. I hope that I’ll be feeling better by then. I felt really good yesterday but somehow all that goodness evaporated overnight. Maybe it was the getting woken up twice to help P out with her bloody nose. The second time was right before 3am. I jumped out of bed because I heard her crying out. When I walked into her room I realized that it was a false alarm. She was sitting up in bed about to stick her finger up her nose. I told her to go back to sleep. She wasn’t even awake. I went back to bed but couldn’t really fall asleep again because that is when my coughing fit began. Oh, it was lovely!

P is going to be a Fairy-Cat. We have a furry pink cat costume and she’s putting her wings on over it. She is also going to carry her magic wand. She looks incredibly cute but that isn’t hard for her of course. She was all set to wear pink ballet slippers but now she’s lobbying for the furry pink slippers that I got for my costume. I don’t usually dress up but one of the managers has offered a $25 Target Gift Certificate for the best costume (to be voted on by secret ballot) and I’m going for it. Even if I have to spend way more than $25 to do it!!

I’m going to be Mrs. Devil who I’m imagining as the ultimate bad mother. I got a furry red robe that I’m going to wear over a red shirt, tights and shorts. I could also wear it over a red plaid granny nightgown I have which I thought might be funny because the nightgown looks very Mrs. Claus. I have devil horns and fake red nails. I’m going to carry one of P’s babydolls, Bennie, around with me. I have a little red top for Bennie to wear and I attached devil horns to his head. I was going to duct tape on a diaper but then G suggested to forgoe the diaper and just put duct tape over the “holes”. I also put duct tape over the doll’s mouth. I’m going to carry a baby bottle filled with coca cola in case the baby gets thirsty. If anyone asks I might tell them that normally I nurse him but I pumped for today. I have really enjoyed getting this little outfit ready. I feel that I’m sure to TAKE IT!

I don’t think that I’ll be posting tomorrow morning because I’ll be deep in costume prep at that time. I’ll see you again on Thursday when I start my attempt at NaBloPoMo once again. Wish me luck!!

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Back to school?

I think she’ll be finally back to school today. I tried to send her yesterday, I really did. It took her about 30 minutes to take all of her antibiotic and I was getting antsy. If we were going to go, we had to GO. We got as far as putting on her coat and shoes. I was doing the pack animal routine – with every object we’re bringing out to the car on both arms all at once. I reached down and felt her head one last time, dropped the umbrella in the process and realized that it was futile. She felt really warm. I took her temperature with one of several temperature taking devices that we don’t trust and it said 100.1. Not super high but enough to ground her. She really wanted to go too. She knew she would miss her show and tell day and she started crying about it. We called her teacher together and Miss Nancy said that she could certainly show and tell on Friday if she was feeling well enough. I’m ready for her to be all better right now. She coughed all night last night. We woke her up at midnight to give her cough medicine and she was MAD about it. I guess that’s why she proceeded to cough the rest of the night anyway (ha.ha.). After the medicine shoving I went back to bed and my husband came to bed soon after. When he got in under the covers he said that she was laying on top of her blanket. I asked him if he moved her and I think he said no and then being the terrible parents we both are, we both fell asleep. Her room has no heat in it and we haven’t put her heater in there yet. When I got up this morning I went in there and she was still laying on top of her blanket. Her legs were all goose pimply. My poor baby. Last night was the coldest night we’ve had so far. Great, now we’ve given her pneumonia!!

We had a good day together yesterday. I don’t think she feels that badly aside from the coughing part so she was in a good mood all day. We did a craft (doesn’t every sick day have one?), watched TV, played, we “washed” dishes and even went to the library. I swear that I nodded off on her while we were playing yesterday. I’m looking forward to being back at my desk today so I can get some good vegetation in. It’s so hard being “on” all the time.

G did a great job with her on Wednesday by the way – though by the time I got home at 7:45 she was running around crazed! It took a bit of doing to get her to calm down for bed. Last night, she was sleeping by that time. I know, I rock it!

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Daddy-Daughter Day

My dear husband is a very tired man. He endures his 3-1/2 hour roundtrip commute everyday without a lot of complaints. He is pretty stoic about the whole thing. Not in any kind of macho-man way but in a I know I have to do this because it is necessary kind of way. It does get to him, especially since his accident. He has to travel all that way because there are not a lot of jobs around where we live, not to mention ones in his field and ones that pay decently. He mentioned recently that maybe I could find something in the big city and he could get a lower paying job that was closer to home. I said I’d be up for that (though I’d really hate to leave my new job) but I’m not sure if he considered the other part of my “job”, the working-mom part. This is the part that has to herd, cajole, threaten (occasionally) (ok, slightly more than occasionally), entertain, clean-up after, chauffer, instruct, lead, pull, etc., our 4+ year old through her day. I don’t know if he’s quite prepared for it. Frankly, I don’t know if I’m ready to give that up yet too. I’m a bit stricter than he is on things like bedtimes being ontime, saying no and meaning no, etc. Heck, I have to be to get anything done around here. I don’t want to give up those reins now. I’ve worked hard with her to get us where we are today.

I finally took P to the doctor yesterday. She’s been fighting off something for almost two weeks now. I’m very glad that I took her because she tested positive for strep and her tonsils are enlarged. She’s on medication now but the doctor said that she has to stay home today. I’ve been taking off from work a lot lately so I asked G if he would stay home with her. He stayed late at his office last night so that he could prepare for being home today. I think that it will be good for them to spend a real, classic “daddy-daughter day” together. I’m not sure how it will be for me. Back when she was a baby I used to work a full day on Wednesdays and G would stay home with her. I’d always come home to all her crap everywhere, sink full of dishes, etc. We’ll see how they both do today. I know she’ll be well cared for and they’ll have a lot of fun together, this goes without saying. I just wonder how he’ll be feeling about us switching roles by the end of today.
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Alice Potter

“Alice was a 50-year plus member of the Wallkill Reformed Church and a member of the Willing Workers of the church. She was a member of Wallkill Senior Citizens, AARP of New Paltz, Past Most Excellent Chief Pythian Sisters, Past Secretary Wallkill Woman’s Club and a lifetime member of the Wallkill Volunteer Ambulance Corps. “

Yesterday I attended Mrs. Potter’s funeral. It was very moving. The service was held in a church a couple of blocks away from our house. I had been inside the Fellowship Hall but never the church itself. It was very beautiful inside and had that comforting old smell. It is a reformed church so it had none of the drama of a catholic church which I was thankful for. We sang two songs that Alice had picked for us during the service. The first was “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” and the second was “Amazing Grace”. I was able to hold it together pretty well on the first one but kind of lost it on Amazing Grace. Alice was our friend and I grieve her passing yet now I see that my loss is small compared to what her daughter and our little hamlet has had taken from them. Shortly before we moved here Alice was forced to put her wheelchair bound daughter into a nursing home. She could no longer care for her herself at home. This caused Alice great pain and she longed for a time when they could be together again. She dutifully drove the 30 minutes each way, down the curvy, twisty road to visit her daughter at least twice a week. Over the past couple of months she met regularly with her lawyer to set everything in place to ensure that her daughter would be taken care of for the rest of her life. This is why she kept herself going. She was a devoted mother to the very end.
She was a loving wife to her husband, a loyal friend and leader in her community and she was a mom. A really good one. I can only hope to be the same.

Dating is tough in NYC

Occasionally, my daughter will ask me to buy some “pink milk”. She doesn’t really like the fake strawberry flavor but sometimes I’ll indulge her because she is showing interest in trying something new again. She wants to drink it because Lola on Charlie and Lola does. Now here’s a show I can get behind. It’s stylish, funny, creative, the characters are kind to one another and the theme song rocks! Wait a minute I digress . . . so I bought this bottle of “pink milk” last Friday 10/12. When I got it home I looked at the date and thought, wait a minute this crap has expired already! Then I looked again and realized that it was OK, I don’t live in NYC. This milk is fine to drink a full 8 days after everyone in NYC thinks it’s spoiled. What does NYC know that I don’t know?
Probably a whole heck of a lot.
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Did you hear the one . . .

Did you hear that Barak Obama and Dick Cheney are long lost cousins? I heard it on NPR so I know that it’s true. Lynne Cheney was doing research for her new book and discovered the connection. They are 9th cousins, once removed. I loved it when Obama’s camp released a statement saying that Cheney was the “black sheep of the family”.

I’m voting for Edwards by the way. Clinton has too much baggage and Obama, maybe not enough. I like what Edwards has to say about supporting families, health care, investing in renewable resources, ending the war and restoring this country’s moral strength.

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My Little Pony can kick DJ Lance’s a**!

Recently P has discovered the show Yo Gabba Gabba. I tape it for her on our DVR. She has also recently embraced her complete love for all things My Little Pony. At first we scoffed at her desire for the pastel colored ponies and their accompanying accessories, books and DVD’s. We didn’t want to encourage her interest in such corny, low-brow entertainment – especially those with so many merchandising opportunities! Soon after, G came home from work with a surprise for her – her very own Pinkie Pie. He said that he didn’t want to disregard her cultural choices. He felt that we shouldn’t be judging her in that way. I mostly agree with him and can make that leap with this particular set of characters. I’m not willing to do so with Dora however. She owns quite a few Dora related things but most of the little plastic figures found themselves in the garbage can recently when they showed up on the list of toys containing high levels of lead. She hasn’t asked about them and we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

She and I have watched Yo Gabba Gabba together and she clearly enjoys the show. She often wants to play “YoGabbaGabba” and has expressed an interest in being Foofa for halloween. While I do appreciate some of the animation and music on the show I just can’t stand how achingly hip it all is. Does my 4 year old really need to be exposed to a trippy rave esthetic? I find most of the music to be just as repetitive and simplistic as the music on say, Barney. Even P noticed that the children on the show only say, “My name is insert name of child and I like to Dance”. She wondered why they don’t ever like to do anything else? The fact that they are trying so hard to appeal to the parents in the room (and no doubt the stoner college kids watching) just irritates me. There is a certain level sincerity that is lacking there. Everything feels mechanical and orchestrated to be as over-the-top as possible.

She and I have watched some My Little Pony DVD’s together and she clearly enjoys the show. She often wants to play “My Little Pony” and has expressed an interest in going to see a My Little Pony live show. Just like Charlton Heston, you will pry those tickets from my cold, dead hands! While I think the writing on these programs is basically atrocious. It makes me wonder if the writers have contests to see how many times they can insert the words; princess, crystal, rainbow, unicorn, magic wand, butterfly, etc., (you get the idea) into every script. At the same time the stories are always about helping others, teamwork, finding your dreams, etc., and granted the themes on Yo Gabba Gabba are about the same things too and these are positive messages for her to absorb. Somehow I feel a little bit better about her getting these ideas from a My Little Pony program or book. While everything in it may be impossibly girly and over-the-top ridiculous I don’t feel like anyone is winking at me from behind the camera saying, we know that this is soooooooo stupid too but isn’t our special version of stupid just so amazingly hip and cool? Stupid is just plain stupid to me.

I’ve already ordered two My Little Pony sets for her for Christmas and I think I may just “forget” to set the DVR to tape Yo Gabba Gabba soon. Heck, there are only 10 episodes of the show anyway. Call me un-hip, go ahead I dare you.

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Posh and me, we’re like this . . .

Yesterday I went for another haircut. I’ve been considering cutting it all off again but didn’t want to deal with the look of disappointment and anger on my daughter’s face afterwards so I reconsidered. I had it cut into a straight bob last time and I told Heidi, my hairdresser that this time I wanted someting a little more “edgy.” I was embarassed to admit it but I was hoping to have something like Victoria Beckham’s haircut. Heidi’s eyes opened WIDE and said she loved the idea. She said that she had the exact same cut underneath her shoulder length extensions. After she was done she told me that I was her little “Posh Spice” now and that I looked exactly like her. I replied that I was a “soccer mom” (though I don’t know for how much longer that will be) too but that is where the similarity ended.