Posh and me, we’re like this . . .

Yesterday I went for another haircut. I’ve been considering cutting it all off again but didn’t want to deal with the look of disappointment and anger on my daughter’s face afterwards so I reconsidered. I had it cut into a straight bob last time and I told Heidi, my hairdresser that this time I wanted someting a little more “edgy.” I was embarassed to admit it but I was hoping to have something like Victoria Beckham’s haircut. Heidi’s eyes opened WIDE and said she loved the idea. She said that she had the exact same cut underneath her shoulder length extensions. After she was done she told me that I was her little “Posh Spice” now and that I looked exactly like her. I replied that I was a “soccer mom” (though I don’t know for how much longer that will be) too but that is where the similarity ended.


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