Dating is tough in NYC

Occasionally, my daughter will ask me to buy some “pink milk”. She doesn’t really like the fake strawberry flavor but sometimes I’ll indulge her because she is showing interest in trying something new again. She wants to drink it because Lola on Charlie and Lola does. Now here’s a show I can get behind. It’s stylish, funny, creative, the characters are kind to one another and the theme song rocks! Wait a minute I digress . . . so I bought this bottle of “pink milk” last Friday 10/12. When I got it home I looked at the date and thought, wait a minute this crap has expired already! Then I looked again and realized that it was OK, I don’t live in NYC. This milk is fine to drink a full 8 days after everyone in NYC thinks it’s spoiled. What does NYC know that I don’t know?
Probably a whole heck of a lot.
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