Alice Potter

“Alice was a 50-year plus member of the Wallkill Reformed Church and a member of the Willing Workers of the church. She was a member of Wallkill Senior Citizens, AARP of New Paltz, Past Most Excellent Chief Pythian Sisters, Past Secretary Wallkill Woman’s Club and a lifetime member of the Wallkill Volunteer Ambulance Corps. “

Yesterday I attended Mrs. Potter’s funeral. It was very moving. The service was held in a church a couple of blocks away from our house. I had been inside the Fellowship Hall but never the church itself. It was very beautiful inside and had that comforting old smell. It is a reformed church so it had none of the drama of a catholic church which I was thankful for. We sang two songs that Alice had picked for us during the service. The first was “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” and the second was “Amazing Grace”. I was able to hold it together pretty well on the first one but kind of lost it on Amazing Grace. Alice was our friend and I grieve her passing yet now I see that my loss is small compared to what her daughter and our little hamlet has had taken from them. Shortly before we moved here Alice was forced to put her wheelchair bound daughter into a nursing home. She could no longer care for her herself at home. This caused Alice great pain and she longed for a time when they could be together again. She dutifully drove the 30 minutes each way, down the curvy, twisty road to visit her daughter at least twice a week. Over the past couple of months she met regularly with her lawyer to set everything in place to ensure that her daughter would be taken care of for the rest of her life. This is why she kept herself going. She was a devoted mother to the very end.
She was a loving wife to her husband, a loyal friend and leader in her community and she was a mom. A really good one. I can only hope to be the same.

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