Daddy-Daughter Day

My dear husband is a very tired man. He endures his 3-1/2 hour roundtrip commute everyday without a lot of complaints. He is pretty stoic about the whole thing. Not in any kind of macho-man way but in a I know I have to do this because it is necessary kind of way. It does get to him, especially since his accident. He has to travel all that way because there are not a lot of jobs around where we live, not to mention ones in his field and ones that pay decently. He mentioned recently that maybe I could find something in the big city and he could get a lower paying job that was closer to home. I said I’d be up for that (though I’d really hate to leave my new job) but I’m not sure if he considered the other part of my “job”, the working-mom part. This is the part that has to herd, cajole, threaten (occasionally) (ok, slightly more than occasionally), entertain, clean-up after, chauffer, instruct, lead, pull, etc., our 4+ year old through her day. I don’t know if he’s quite prepared for it. Frankly, I don’t know if I’m ready to give that up yet too. I’m a bit stricter than he is on things like bedtimes being ontime, saying no and meaning no, etc. Heck, I have to be to get anything done around here. I don’t want to give up those reins now. I’ve worked hard with her to get us where we are today.

I finally took P to the doctor yesterday. She’s been fighting off something for almost two weeks now. I’m very glad that I took her because she tested positive for strep and her tonsils are enlarged. She’s on medication now but the doctor said that she has to stay home today. I’ve been taking off from work a lot lately so I asked G if he would stay home with her. He stayed late at his office last night so that he could prepare for being home today. I think that it will be good for them to spend a real, classic “daddy-daughter day” together. I’m not sure how it will be for me. Back when she was a baby I used to work a full day on Wednesdays and G would stay home with her. I’d always come home to all her crap everywhere, sink full of dishes, etc. We’ll see how they both do today. I know she’ll be well cared for and they’ll have a lot of fun together, this goes without saying. I just wonder how he’ll be feeling about us switching roles by the end of today.
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