Back to school?

I think she’ll be finally back to school today. I tried to send her yesterday, I really did. It took her about 30 minutes to take all of her antibiotic and I was getting antsy. If we were going to go, we had to GO. We got as far as putting on her coat and shoes. I was doing the pack animal routine – with every object we’re bringing out to the car on both arms all at once. I reached down and felt her head one last time, dropped the umbrella in the process and realized that it was futile. She felt really warm. I took her temperature with one of several temperature taking devices that we don’t trust and it said 100.1. Not super high but enough to ground her. She really wanted to go too. She knew she would miss her show and tell day and she started crying about it. We called her teacher together and Miss Nancy said that she could certainly show and tell on Friday if she was feeling well enough. I’m ready for her to be all better right now. She coughed all night last night. We woke her up at midnight to give her cough medicine and she was MAD about it. I guess that’s why she proceeded to cough the rest of the night anyway (ha.ha.). After the medicine shoving I went back to bed and my husband came to bed soon after. When he got in under the covers he said that she was laying on top of her blanket. I asked him if he moved her and I think he said no and then being the terrible parents we both are, we both fell asleep. Her room has no heat in it and we haven’t put her heater in there yet. When I got up this morning I went in there and she was still laying on top of her blanket. Her legs were all goose pimply. My poor baby. Last night was the coldest night we’ve had so far. Great, now we’ve given her pneumonia!!

We had a good day together yesterday. I don’t think she feels that badly aside from the coughing part so she was in a good mood all day. We did a craft (doesn’t every sick day have one?), watched TV, played, we “washed” dishes and even went to the library. I swear that I nodded off on her while we were playing yesterday. I’m looking forward to being back at my desk today so I can get some good vegetation in. It’s so hard being “on” all the time.

G did a great job with her on Wednesday by the way – though by the time I got home at 7:45 she was running around crazed! It took a bit of doing to get her to calm down for bed. Last night, she was sleeping by that time. I know, I rock it!

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