Halloween Preview

I’m really looking forward to Halloween tomorrow. I hope that I’ll be feeling better by then. I felt really good yesterday but somehow all that goodness evaporated overnight. Maybe it was the getting woken up twice to help P out with her bloody nose. The second time was right before 3am. I jumped out of bed because I heard her crying out. When I walked into her room I realized that it was a false alarm. She was sitting up in bed about to stick her finger up her nose. I told her to go back to sleep. She wasn’t even awake. I went back to bed but couldn’t really fall asleep again because that is when my coughing fit began. Oh, it was lovely!

P is going to be a Fairy-Cat. We have a furry pink cat costume and she’s putting her wings on over it. She is also going to carry her magic wand. She looks incredibly cute but that isn’t hard for her of course. She was all set to wear pink ballet slippers but now she’s lobbying for the furry pink slippers that I got for my costume. I don’t usually dress up but one of the managers has offered a $25 Target Gift Certificate for the best costume (to be voted on by secret ballot) and I’m going for it. Even if I have to spend way more than $25 to do it!!

I’m going to be Mrs. Devil who I’m imagining as the ultimate bad mother. I got a furry red robe that I’m going to wear over a red shirt, tights and shorts. I could also wear it over a red plaid granny nightgown I have which I thought might be funny because the nightgown looks very Mrs. Claus. I have devil horns and fake red nails. I’m going to carry one of P’s babydolls, Bennie, around with me. I have a little red top for Bennie to wear and I attached devil horns to his head. I was going to duct tape on a diaper but then G suggested to forgoe the diaper and just put duct tape over the “holes”. I also put duct tape over the doll’s mouth. I’m going to carry a baby bottle filled with coca cola in case the baby gets thirsty. If anyone asks I might tell them that normally I nurse him but I pumped for today. I have really enjoyed getting this little outfit ready. I feel that I’m sure to TAKE IT!

I don’t think that I’ll be posting tomorrow morning because I’ll be deep in costume prep at that time. I’ll see you again on Thursday when I start my attempt at NaBloPoMo once again. Wish me luck!!

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