Deadlines – tick – tick – tick

I LOVE P’s new school. Funny, it’s not so new anymore (she’s been going there since June) but we all still call it her new school. I love them so I don’t want to complain but we’ve got all of the following either due on Monday or at the end of the week:

  1. A Family Photo – The theme for the week is “My Family” so we have to bring in a photo. I don’t think we even have a recent photo of the three of us! I have to go and get some new cartridges for the printer so we can take a picture and actually print it. What a concept!
  2. A White or Brown Pillowcase – I think that they are going to be making some kind of costume to wear for Thanksgiving out of them. I’m sure that they will be adorable. I of course have neither of these at my disposal. My blessed Mother-in-Law had one and we brought it home today.
  3. Decorate Our Family Turkey – She brought home a white oaktag turkey that we need to decorate as a family. All the turkeys will be displayed in her classroom. P and I went to the craft store yesterday and got some supplies and we’ll work on it with our extended family when we go visiting this weekend.
  4. Letter “I” Box – Everyone in her class brought home a box representing a letter of the alphabet. We are supposed to fill it with objects that begin with our letter. P got “I”. You can’t imagine how hard it has been to find decent “I” things. I don’t have any iguanas laying around here. Next week is “H” so the pressure is on.
  5. Her Regular Letter Homework – Each week they are supposed to bring in a picture or two of something that starts with the letter of the week. She always complains about doing it but we are pretty strict about getting it done. I know that it is only Pre-K but she’s going to have to do homework for the next dozen or so years and we want her to get used to it. She was already talking about it last night and pointed to heads and hands she saw in a magazine so I think that it is sinking in.
  6. Food Drive Food – A lovely idea of course and this isn’t due immediately . . . but her teacher told them she wants to collect 50 cans this year. Again, the pressure is on.
  7. Something for a Shoebox Donation – Her class is filling two shoeboxes with little gifts to send to a needy child overseas. It is a great idea and I think I might want to do one as a family but for the love of shoes, dark chocolate and all things holy . . . I think my head might explode.
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