The Challenge

To put it plainly, our house is a mess! I’d show pictures but I don’t think I’m ready for the public humiliation right now. It is basically clean – though I don’t recommend taking a real close look at our kitchen floor – but we are being overrun by clutter!!! I’m planning on doing P’s birthday party at home this year and I know any day now I’m going to start freaking out because I can’t do that with all this crap laying around everywhere. G and I watch a lot of the home shows on HGTV. We especially enjoy the ones where the people want to move but their houses won’t sell for whatever reason. Experts come in and tell them that they’ve got too much stuff out in the open. They haul all the stuff away (to who knows where??) and they stage their homes and make them look like model homes. I sometimes feel like G wants us to live in a model home all the time. I do agree with him that we need to clear up the clutter and be better organized but I don’t want to feel like I can’t buy my daughter a christmas present because we’ll one day have to move out of this house and we won’t have anywhere to put the My Little Pony Crystal Princess Tea Set during the open house!

We do need to clean up our act. I think we should identify the problem areas (the playroom, our desk area, the kitchen table (the dumping pad for everything), the desk by the telephone, the guest room, the closet in our office, the attic, etc. .) and try to tackle one each week. The question is, do we have enough weeks? Oiy, I’d better get cracking . . .


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