Her Little Secret

When I was picking P up at school the other night she was sitting in the book corner with a couple of books. She said that she wanted to finish “reading” them before we left. As I walked around the room collecting her things I could see her holding the book up in her hand and “reading” it out loud. I just figured that she was just making up the story herself like she has done for the last couple of years. When I got closer I realized that she was actually reading the book. It was Go Dog Go and she was reading it out loud. Granted, this is a pretty simple book but she was reading it aloud at the same pace as she would if she were making up the words in her head. We’ve known that she can read well for a little while now but to see her doing it at school out in public just surprised me. We are constantly reading to her and always encourage and help her to sound out unfamiliar words she doesn’t recognize but we didn’t make any conscious effort to teach her to read at all.

Later on when we were home I told her that I noticed how well she was reading and that I was very proud of her. She said, “Mommy nobody knows that I can read”. (Oiy, it was so cute!) I said that she has to tell them. I think that she is still pretty shy about it. I asked her if we could let her teachers know. I’m hoping that they will help encourage her and boost her confidence a little bit. When we saw her teacher this morning she said that she already knew that P could read. I turned to P and said, “See, your secret is out!”

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