Fanny Doodle

P and I have just started playing the “Fanny Doodle” game. I remember it from watching Zoom. It took me such a long time to figure out why Fanny Doodle liked some things but not others. I know that it might be a tad bit sophisticated for P right now but I feel like she’ll grow into it. I’ve really got her thinking and I’m enjoying making them up for her. Here are some of my latest:

  • Fanny Doodle loves wheels but doesn’t like circles
  • Fanny Doodle loves the fall but doesn’t like autumn
  • Fanny Doodle loves pools but doesn’t like to swim
  • Fanny Doodle loves carrots but doesn’t like vegetables
  • Fanny Doodle loves kittens but doesn’t like cats

P.S. – We finally started cleaning yesterday!! I’m loving how everything is looking. Somehow I have to let my husband know that when he comes in the room and sees a big clean change in a particular area, I don’t want to have to fish for compliments on what a good job I’ve done. Men, humph. I’ve got to get cracking on upstairs now.

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One thought on “Fanny Doodle

  1. David says:

    Marisa, your entry brought back memories. I used to love Zoom. I know they brought it back a while ago, but it was really time specific, I think.

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