Birthday Plans – Countdown to Five

I can’t believe that my baby is turning five in less than two months from now. She is already such a big girl. We’ve come so very far from last year at this time and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

Location: I’d like to do her party at home this year. I’m hoping to save a little money this way and I’ve been to most of the kid party venues in the area and none are really calling to me. Now, what I’m actually planning on doing with these children in my small house in winter time – that is another story! Since we can’t play outside in January – though it did end up being 65°- 70° on the day of her party last year – we have to have some sort of indoor entertainment. Any suggestions any of you may have would be greatly appreciated . . . anyone?? **Crickets**

Theme: She has expressed interest in having a “princess” party though I’m not exactly sure what this means to her. I thought we could include something in the invitation that encourages everyone to dress like their favorite princess, animal or superhero. I found these kits online. I thought that it might be fun for each child to make a princess or superhero puppet of themselves with their own head on it. We could take pictures of everyone when they arrive at the party and then print out the head and cut it into the right shape. Is this too ambitious? Probably! I’ll definitely have some backup animal heads ready just in case. I was worrying about where we’d be doing the crafty portion of the party and then I remembered my husband’s photo studio in the garage. When I mentioned it to him he didn’t sound that thrilled about it but he is always saying the P can do art out there so why not her and 12 of her closest friends? They’re not going to be painting these things they’ll just be using markers, crayons, glue, etc. It all sounds pretty manageable to me. As for the plates, napkins and cake theme – I’ll probably do My Little Pony or something similar. We still have the Hello Kitty Happy Birthday Banner from two years ago and we’ll probably use that again. It just doesn’t get old! I started making the invitations yesterday and found all these cool facts about the number 5.

The Big Gift: I have no idea. Really. She needs a new bike but that can maybe wait until the spring.

The Big Worry: I know from last year that she has figured out how to handle herself in these kinds of situations. She was a total little star at her party last year. I’m not really worrying about that. I guess my biggest worry is that my parents won’t behave themselves. Isn’t that ridiculous? I’m also worrying about the guest list a little bit. She wants to invite her new school friends but I don’t feel like we can ignore the children that we know from before school. These are the kids that are the children of our friends. She doesn’t see them as often but they always invite us to their parties. I guess I’ll just invite them all and relax. They won’t all come and if they do, the more the merrier . . . I guess.

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