Bindi’s Dad

We’ve recently discovered the show, Bindi the Jungle Girl. It stars Bindi Irwin, daughter of Steve Irwin the renowned “Croc Hunter”. I always thought that he was kind of silly and that when he died it was incredibly tragic but somehow a result of his own foolishness. They started making BTJG before his death in September 2006 and he is all over the show. Bindi is constantly referring to footage of her “Dad” doing this and that. There are also lots of scenes with Bindi and her Dad in her treehouse. All the references to him are in the present tense so as far as this show is concerned, he is still out there, alive and healthy and working hard for wildlife. I have to say that watching this show has really changed my opinion of Mr. Irwin. He’s definitely grown on me. I love his enthusiasm for everything he sees around him. He is definitely over the top at times I can appreciate his knowledge and and respect his dedication to saving all the creatures of the world. We haven’t told P what happened to him and I wonder if the next season of Bindi will talk about his passing at all. I do sometimes get a little choked up when I see tape of him and his family together. He was a larger-than-life character for the world and I can only imagine the giant stature that he held in his children’s eyes. Especially his daughter. I’m not sure what to tell my daughter about Bindi’s loss. P is definitely a daddy’s girl. I feel that she would take it very hard. I guess that we don’t have to go there until they address it on the show. If they do at all. They must have oodles of tape that they could work with for years. It is kind of meloncholy though.


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