New Year

It still feels like my brother’s memorial was yesterday – it was only two weeks from yesterday – and I’m still processing it. Now I feel like I should send something for someone to read at my sister-in-law’s thing for him in California. The question is what to send and who is going to read it?

Overall, I think Christmas went very well. Santa didn’t bring P a T.M.E.-TMX and she didn’t even mention it. All the pastel colored pony related stuff pushed any Elmo thoughts of right out of her brain. There simply isn’t any more room. She and I were having some issues in the days immediately following Christmas but it has improved. She has been incredibly whiny and freaking out whenever it doesn’t go her way and will give up the millisecond she has any trouble doing anything. We’ve had some major clashes and I’m not sure if it is her attitude or mine. I don’t have a lot of patience right now. It could be that I’m tired after the holiday (or mid-holibirthday actually). She got so much stuff for Christmas and she is well aware that she is getting another large haul of stuff at the end of this week. There is no Santa involved in her birthday either. I have been reminding her that while Santa gives her presents for Christmas, Mommy and Daddy gives her presents for her birthday. What Mommy and Daddy giveth they can certainly puteth backeth.

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