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All a-whirl

Life has been a-whirl these past few weeks. I got a new responsibility dumped in my lap at work and after a week of lots of flailing-of-the-arms I finally got the hang of it. Then all heck broke loose and all my shipments trying to arrive prior to Chinese New Year started arriving. The holiday starts this week so it should be much more quiet now. P’s birthday party was a great success. She had a grand ol’ time. She loved having her friends here and she was a wonderful hostess. She loved all her presents and we’ve been happily playing with them ever since. The day after her birthday she had a major, 5-year old sized fit that lasted over an hour. I brought out the naughty mat, she shrieked her head off, it was better than Cats.

Yesterday was the 1-year anniversary of G’s accident. He was understandably tense and tired all day long. We had to bring P to the doctor for her cough and she was refusing to go and being beastly and horrible and he had absolutely no patience for it. It was a challenge to say the least. We got through it. Since it was a Saturday we had to take her to the main branch of the medical group and I have to say I liked the doctor that we saw a lot better than our regular doctor. It might have been her lovely French accent? We’ve definitely been through worse days in the past year that’s for sure. I can only hope that it will get better and do my best to try to make it better.

My parents wanted to take us to Italy in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary this summer. We said that we didn’t want to go. It was a wonderful offer but there are so many reasons why it wouldn’t work right now. We don’t all have current passports and these days it takes a really long time to get them issued/renewed. P is too young to really appreciate a trip like that right now. My parents just want to show her off to the relatives and I think for her, that would get old after about 2 minutes. We might seem ungrateful but we just didn’t want to go there with my Dad. It would be a very emotional trip for him but he wouldn’t be able to process and communicate those feelings in a constructive way. I’m afraid that it would just make him unbearable the entire time. We just told them that G’s schedule is very tricky in the summer with work and that P wouldn’t appreciate it. I said that she would get a lot more out of a trip to Disney World instead. So, that is where they are taking us. We are going in April and I’m quite excited about it. I haven’t been there since I was a kid (1977, 1978??). I know that it has changed quite a lot. My friend told me about this website and I have been all over it. I was driving G crazy with all my D-related chatter for a while but I’ve since learned to tone it down. We’re going to tell P about it on Valentine’s Day. I made reservations for us to have Lunch with the Princesses on our first full day there. I made up a little invitation with the princesses picture on the front. It tells her that they heard she is coming to Disney World with her family and that they would love to have lunch with her. I got her a Sleeping Beauty dress-up dress (on ebay!) to wear to the lunch because I read that the Princesses pay a lot more attention to your daughter if they are dressed up. I must really be drinking the kool-aid because I booked an appointment for her at the Bibbidi-Bobbidi Boutique early that morning. They give the girls “make-overs”. For $50 they do their hair and nails, give them a tiara and scepter and sprinkle them with fairy dust. They call them Princess and make a general big deal over them throughout. You can also fork over 180 dollars for the full package including 100% authentic Disney Princess dress and professional photos but I wasn’t going to go that far. I’m not that crazy, yet. She’s going to go in there (if I keep the appointment) wearing her dress already. I know that she’ll enjoy it. She’s already asked me about nail polish and her wish to wear some. Maybe this will convince her that nail polish is only for special princess days?? I’m dreaming right? G is going to hate the whole idea but I think that he’ll come around once he sees her afterwards. At least I hope so.

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