Almost everything is boinga here . . .

Wow, I just woke up and don’t feel like total crud. Somewhat like crud, yes – but not TOTAL. This is amazing because this has certainly been the winter of the ick. We have all been sick in this house for what seems like the entire time. Once we get better we just get sick again. G is going to try changing the filter on the furnace today and see if that helps. I’m also going for a haircut today. Yahoo! My hair is a shapeless mess and something needs to be done about it pronto!! I’ve been contemplating long hair again but then I think better of it. I’m also hoping that I can get a little excercise in today. I DVR’d a bunch of episodes of “Bodies in Motion with Gilad”. I’m trying to get my butt in a more presentable form for the bathing suit I got for Disney. Since I’ve been so miserable with this cold I haven’t been doing it. I was just getting to the point where it didn’t hurt horribly everytime I did it and then I had to stop. Pesky!

I guess that I’ve been feeling kind of down lately. The weather and the sickness aren’t helping matters. G is just overwhelmed by the commute and his frustration (and anger) over our situation here. I think I’ve been letting his mood effect me too much. It’s hard to be happy when he is so blue. I can hear birds chirping outside the window so I know that spring is coming soon whether or not it feels like it. I have the power to change how I feel I just have to use it. I’m going to try to recharge myself this weekend. Heck, we’re leaving for Disney in 38 days! This is something I can really get happy about.

P and I were invited to a little birthday party with her two best friends last night. The birthday girl’s mom met us at Build-A-Bear and treated the girls to the “bear” (they all chose the pink poodle), an outfit, shoes and one accessory. Then she took us all out to dinner. It was so nice of her. P had a really good time. She really enjoyed being out with her “girls”. In the restaurant they gave us two tables side by side. The kids were supposed to sit at one and the adults at the other. P didn’t want me to sit with the adults so I ended up at the kid’s table. I didn’t mind it and it avoided a lot of grief. I wish there was an easy way to detach myself from her at those times but there isn’t. It is just something we need to work on. There was another semi-embarrassing moment at the Build-A-Bear. When their poodles were all stuffed and dressed the mom of the birthday girl wanted to take a picture. The sales person also had a camera and told the girls to pose with their poodles in the front of the store. P suddenly developed serious camera-shyness, wouldn’t smile and kept running out of the picture. She put on her mad pouting face instead. I told her that I wasn’t happy with her behaviour and she smirked at me. I’m not sure why she does that. I suspect it is because she’s realizing that it is not her moment and she needs to steal some of it back. I really do not like this trait and have to figure out a way to stop it.

The title of this post is from the CUTEST Backyardigans’ song. I can’t get it out of my head.

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