Going for a ride

Going for a ride
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It is P’s weekend to bring home the class bear Ted E. Bear. She comes complete with a huge duffle bag of clothing of both genders so your child can choose. I have to say that the fashion choices for girl bears is pretty poor. We’ve been supplimenting. Ted E. also comes with a diary. You’re supposed to write about what Ted E. did while it was visiting. The class will then read your diary entry together. I was reading through the book and was downright shocked by the awful writing skills of some of the parents! Oiy!! P was so excited for this weekend to finally come. They went in alphabetical order and she’s had to wait a long time for them to get to P. I really like this little project. They do so many cute things at her school. I feel so blessed that we ended up there. I worry that Kindergarten will pale in comparison.

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