Goodbye Ted E. Bear

Our big weekend with Ted E. Bear ended this morning. P was very sad to have to bring her back. She and I had a bit of a moment. When we noticed that there weren’t any “girl” pajamas in Ted E.’s bag I went up into the attic and found a few of P’s old footie romper thingies for Ted E. to borrow. When we were packing up Ted E.’s bag this morning I suggested that we could give one pair of the pink pajamas to Ted E. so that she would have a pink pajama option for the next little girl who was taking her home. P flat out refused to do this. She said that she liked all of them and didn’t want to give them away. I told her that when we got home I was going to put all three pajamas back up in the attic and she wouldn’t be able to play with them or look at them ever again and she still didn’t want to part with them. I tried guilting her into it and told her that we were put on this earth to give to others, not only to take and that giving away one of these things was a very small gift to give. Honestly, I was very disappointed in her refusal to share. I definitely took the wrong tack I think because she felt my disappointment and it only made her sad and clingy right before we said goodbye. I tried to leave on a good note and got her giggling again before I went out the door. She doesn’t need to share a lot at home and even though she shares at school I worry that I’m raising a spoiled brat. It’s hard when you’re an only child and I can appreciate that but she has to learn this lesson. I’m not really sure how to do it either.

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