Our Disney Trip – Day One

I’ve got to get this all down before I forget!
Tuesday April 15
This was P’s first airplane ride. We tried to prepare her for the noise, the security check, the tiny bathroom, the ear discomfort and the seat belt. I guess we didn’t do a good enough job on the seat belt. She squirmed and got mad at it. She didn’t want to stay strapped in and all her promises of being good on our trip and not throwing any fits while on our trip went right out the window. We got there in one piece though. I hate the take-off and landing part but I think I did alright too. Lola and Grandpa met us in the lobby like my Dad had planned. After check-in we went straight to the Roaring Fork and had lunch. Then we caught the boat into the Magic Kingdom. While waiting for check-in one of the cast members asked P if she wanted to see Minnie Mouse’s house. We knew that it was closed for rehab (and had been preparing her for this fact for a long time) and I was surprised that he didn’t. Minnie’s house was the first thing that P wanted to see. We went straight there after getting off the boat. When we walked up Main Street and I saw Cinderella Castle for the first time, it truly took my breath away. It sounds so cliche and stupid to say that but it was so beautiful. We were finally there. No more waiting! We made our way to Toon Town and Minnie’s House was indeed closed. Next door was Mickey Mouse’s house so we decided to go there. It was very crowded inside but we got to see everything. It was fun to see his gigantic shoes in his bedroom. The house leads you straight to the line to meet the Mouse himself so we decided to try it. We weren’t that experienced in these things yet and we really couldn’t see the length of the line from where we were outside in the backyard. We probably should have bagged it. We ended up waiting close to an hour to get to the front. P got to have Mickey & Minnie’s autographs as numbers 1 and 2 in her book.

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