Our Disney Trip – Day Two

Wednesday April 16

This was the big day of our big Lunch with the Princesses. Early on in my planning I had contemplated taking P to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Salon and having her hair and “make-up” done for this meal but decided against it after thinking about it. I was reading reviews on http://www.allears.net/ and got all sucked in to the idea of it. So many mothers wrote about how wonderful it was and how special their daughters felt during the whole experience, etc. Then I looked it up on youtube and saw some video montages that parents had made from their visits there and changed my mind. Every single one of these videos was exactly the same. The kids were different of course but each hair-do and dress, photo pose and background music were all exactly the same. I don’t want P to think that there is only one way to be a princess or there is only one thing you can wear to be a princess. I love the crazy outfits she comes up with when she’s dressing up and I don’t want to squash that with some big corporate idea. It would have been a mad dash in the morning to make it to MK and then to Epcot in time anyway. When we were finally there and actually saw all the girls walking around with the glitter in their hair I knew I made the right decision. I just ran downstairs and got us some food for breakfast and we ate it in the room. P put on her princess dress and I did her hair (with the small tiara I got on ebay) and we met my parents in the lobby. We took the boat to Magic Kingdom and then transferred to the Monorail to Epcot. It was chilly waiting for the boat but the Monorail was great fun – especially since the first one we got on was pink. P really loved it. We got to Epcot shortly after it opened and we went on the Finding Nemo ride and then went to see Turtle Talk with Crush right afterwards. Both were great, especially Turtle Talk. P got a little scared on the Nemo ride when it got dark and we saw Bruce the shark. She didn’t like the visit from the whale in Turtle Talk but I think she mostly enjoyed both. We thought about trying to see Soarin’ but we had to get to our reservation in Norway. While waiting outside we got to meet Mary Poppins and P got her autograph. We really enjoyed the Lunch with the Princesses. Belle was the photo op princess and the photopass shot of the two of them is really adorable. We ordered our food and our young Norwegian server invited us to go to the cold buffet. Shortly after my Dad went up there I heard a woman angrily telling him that he was rude. I think that he had tried to push his way past her child. When it was my turn to go to the buffet I found her at her table and apologized for my Father’s behaviour. She said that it was OK. I almost burst into tears when I was talking to her. I had read mixed things about the food but I thought that it was really good. I had a roast chicken breast served over a mixture of beans, bacon and asparagus. We definitely got our fill of Princesses as well. We met Ariel, Sleeping Beauty (Aurora), Jasmine and Cinderella. Each one was really sweet with P, signed her book and posed for photos with her. My Father commented that Cinderella was a bit too quick but she is the big star (she’s got the enormous castle after all) and not normally seen at this meal so I felt we were lucky to see her at all. P had a grand old time with all the attention. We brought our baby Ariel and Aurora dolls with us and each commented on them. After lunch we walked over to China which was right next door to Norway. P got to meet Mulan and get her autograph. My parents went to see the Reflections of China movie while we hung around outside. P was anxious to get back to the Magic Kingdom. I had made a dinner reservation for us at Ohana for 5pm but G and I decided to bag it. We didn’t want to have a time constraint hanging over us all afternoon. My parents decided to stay at Epcot for the afternoon and we went back to Magic Kingdom. We took P to the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse and Tom Sawyer’s Island. We also got to ride on Aladdin’s Magic Carpet Ride. We got fast passes for the Jungle Cruise but I wish we hadn’t of bothered. She got scared in the first few minutes when the boat operator made a loud noise and she cried through the rest of the entire ride. She was tired out by then and ready to have a rest. We made our way back to the room and tried to go swimming. It was late in the day and a little chilly when we got out but we had fun. After swimming P and G went up to the room and I grabbed us some dinner at the Roaring Fork. The Hawaiian dinner would have been fun but it would have been a bit of a hassle getting there and back. I think that my parents were a little bit disappointed that we didn’t go but they could have gone without us. They ended up going back to the Whispering Canyon again which puzzled me. I didn’t think that they liked it that much in the first place. I guess that they could have gone to Artists Point but my Dad didn’t bring any other clothes besides his sweatpants and sneakers so I guess that was out. After dinner we got P into bed and she fell asleep pretty easily. After she was out my parents came over so G and I could go out for a drink. We went down to the Territory Lounge in the lobby. It was very nice to be able to get out for a little time with my husband. I ordered a Myer’s rum and tonic with a lime. It was good though I forgot to say that I wanted white rum. It has been such a long time since I’ve had a big girl drink like that. It was strong! G ordered something green from the drink menu book. When the waiter came by and asked if we’d like another round, I said “no thank you”. He brought me another one anyway. I drank about half of it because I didn’t want to suffer too badly in the morning. We went back up to our room and my parents went back to theirs. P slept the whole time and was none the wiser. We soon went to bed as well. We knew that we were getting up early the next morning for the Magic Hour at Magic Kingdom.

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