Today is my 7th wedding anniversary. We didn’t get to really celebrate over the weekend. P started throwing up around 11 pm on Saturday night and wasn’t finished until 4 am Sunday. She spent the whole day resting yesterday. There wasn’t anymore puking during the day but she ran a slight fever and complained that her ear hurt all day long. G did his thing (working outside, running to the hardware store, etc.) and P and I did our thing inside (organizing our Disney photos, reading in bed, etc.). I would have liked for us to be able to go out for lunch or something but it wasn’t to be. It was a regular weekend day and I guess that it is a kind of celebration in itself. Before I met G, I never thought that I’d find a man to love and make a family with. There were so many disappointments and big mistakes and heartbreaks. I am so grateful that I found my one special person. I really thought I’d never find my happiness.

The weather on the day of our wedding was picture perfect. We had our ceremony outside in the courtyard of the Brooklyn Society for Ethical Culture on Prospect Park West. The cherry blossoms and apple blossoms were bursting from all the trees and everytime the wind blew all the petals would spin aloft until they fell gently on the grass. Our reception was held at the Montauk Club blocks away on Eighth Avenue. After the ceremony, G and I walked to the reception but detoured through Prospect Park with our photographer for photo-ops. The park was filled with joggers, roller bladers, people out with their kids, dogs, etc. It felt like every single person who walked by smiled at us or called to us and wished us well. It was another beautiful day in our neighborhood and we were just part of the mix of it. I loved being in that mix and sometimes I do miss it.


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