Drat double drat!! I got layed off from my job today. It was supposed to happen last Friday but I called out because P had a terrible cough so I kept her home. It wasn’t strepp like I thought it was going to be, just a really bad ear infection. The doctor actually made a face when she looked in P’s ear. It was filled with oozing, green pus and she made sure to show me her disgust when she told me about it. I don’t know how I was supposed to know this. That’s what I took her to the doctor for! It is not like I can whip out my handy home otoscope whenever P starts rubbing her ear funny. Our oozing pus kept me from being canned on Friday and put it off until basically first thing Monday morning. I was working for a manufacturer/importer that basically has just one major retailer customer. Apparently, that customer isn’t buying as much “junque” as they have in the past and they couldn’t justify keeping me. The current state of the economy isn’t really allowing people to have much disposable income. They’re buying less junque hence I have less of a job bringing it to them. I’m pretty much blaming President Bush for this latest setback in my life. Why not, isn’t he to blame for so much already? My boss was very sad when she told me. She sweetly told me that I was one of the smartest people that she had ever met. I feel smart sometimes and even very smart occasionally but what good does that do me? I’ve started the hunt again. I hope that maybe I can figure something different out this time. I’m not sure what that will be yet but I’m hoping that something, anything will come to me.


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