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The Graduate

P graduated from Pre-K this past Tuesday. The weather was threatening with thunderstorms all day but when the actual time came the skies cleared and it was gorgeous. All the children did wonderfully. The ceremony was as adorable as can be. I just love her school. I feel so blessed that we found it. Sadly, G couldn’t come because he was working late so I videotaped all the cuteness for him. My parents drove up for the ceremony and went home again right afterwards. Even though they always complain that they don’t get to spend enough time with us they didn’t want to spend the night and see more of their Grandaughter. After the diplomas were given out the children did a little program and performed in 6 or 7 musical numbers. P had a solo – she sang an alphabet song while all her classmates behind her tried to lift up their letters in time to the music. She did so incredibly well. She enunciated and sang in tune and while I know that she was nervous she truly performed it. I was SO flipping proud of her. When G watched the video he said he was shocked that she did as much as she did. It really warms my theater-geek soul. This was a really big thing for her. Every other “performance” type thing that she’s ever had to do has been too much for her. She couldn’t even manage to stand in a line of classmates in front of a tree and sing Christmas songs at her old school. As soon as she saw me in the audience, it was all over for her. I guess that she really is growing up. We are going for her Kindergarten evaluation next Monday. I’m hoping that she will be able to break through her shyness and show them what she is capable of. We were at the library earlier and when a Mom walked by and heard her reading she started chatting with me. She said that her daughter was also able to read when she entered Kindergarten and that she felt she didn’t get the extra attention she needed because the teacher was busy with the rest of the class that didn’t read at all yet. I have a feeling that we will be in a similar situation soon but we can always suppliment at home.

On a side note – P had pink eye a couple of weeks ago. I think I have it now. I want to figure out where we both got it because I don’t think I want it again.

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