Working Mom – Out of Work

I’ve been out of work for two and a half months now. The job hunt has not gotten any easier. I go on interviews and feel that I’m being well received and that my interviewers feel positively about me and then I hear nothing. It is making me start to question my ability to judge my own performance. I think that I’m putting out my best version of myself but then again I’m not so sure. Heck, I’d hire me – but then again, I’m not really looking for anyone right now. We’ve pulled P out of school two days a week to give her a little taste of summer vacation and to give us a break on tuition and gas for the car. I’m not fully into the stay-at-home mindset with her yet. I’ve been picking her up about 2 hours earlier at the end of the school day then I was when I was working so we’re already spending a lot more time together each day. We’re still working our way through the transitions – which translates to she’s pushing all my buttons and I’m rising to the occasion. Last night however was a great improvement and we actually avoided a major battle at bedtime. She did try to tell me that she had a really bad earache for which she had prescribed a dose of television watching. I suggested some Motrin but she refused.

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