November 4, 2008

I can’t let myself truly believe that it’s going to happen yet. I know that it is highly likely but I don’t have enough faith in my fellow Prisoners, um I mean Americans yet. I’ve read a lot of awful things that people have written about Obama on different blogs and news websites. They are so hateful and ignorant and while I hate to say it I know sometimes the bullies do win. P was just a tiny baby when we started the war in Iraq and while she’s been basically unaware of it throughout it’s terrible to think that it has been going on almost as long as she has. I hope for a greater world for her with greater leaders. This is all so bittersweet for me. I still can’t believe that my brother isn’t here to see it all. I miss getting to talk and laugh about it with him. It’s kind of like when the Giants (his FAVORITE team) pulled it out and won the Superbowl. Nothing would have made him happier and nothing would have given him greater hope.

Obama/Biden ’08

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