Same Time Next Year

I actually got a comment on one of my postings from November of last year today (thanks again Jennifer!) and so I decided to read through my posts from the end of the month after my brother committed suicide. Understandably it has been on my mind a lot lately, not only because the one year anniversary is coming up next week but because I went to a funeral earlier this week. The father of one of my closest H.S. friends died of cancer last weekend. They had the funeral in Great Neck in the very same funeral parlor where we had Mike’s memorial. As soon as I heard that Marvin had died I knew that I wanted to go to his service. My friend and his parents all came to Mike’s memorial last year and it meant so much to me then. As I sat there listening to the Rabbi speak about Marvin and his life I realized how thankful I was that he had raised such a lovely family and a wonderful son who has brought so much happiness to my life. I tried not to think too much about my brother and my sadness and focus on Marvin and his family but it was hard. This was an 80 year old man who lived a truly full and happy life. That is something to admire and aspire to. My brother gave up on those hopes and wasted everything at 45. I know that he felt that his life was essentially over already but it had just begun. It’s never too late!

It’s never too late.


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