Dollhouse Saturday

Back when I lived off of 4th Avenue in Park Slope Brooklyn I used to find all kinds of interesting things in my neighbors garbage. One particular neighbor used to put some really cool stuff out in their trash. My most favorite find of all was a big white dollhouse. I’ve been lugging it around with me from home to home ever since. This past winter Glenn restored it and we gave it to Piper for her birthday and Christmas. She already had a small pink dollhouse that has a family of Calico Critters Rabbits living in it but it is not really big enough for them and all their stuff. We like the animals but I wanted to get her a family of human dolls. We have read all The Doll People books, Edward Tulane, Toys Go Out and Toy Dance Party and they’ve made a big impression on us. All these excellent books are about dolls or toys that are conscious and who come alive when their people aren’t around. She really loves this whole idea but really, who doesn’t? She got a porcelain doll family for Christmas including a special girl doll from Santa that came all the way from England (just like Annabelle Doll in The Doll People) and lots of furniture. She’s pretty much filled the big house in with accessories from various other play sets. Unfortunately, the porcelain doll family has been mostly pushed out of their house by a rowdy family of pandas that Piper got from Lola for Easter but when I peeked in there today it seemed like things were pretty peaceful.

Annabelle in the bathroom

That baby's a regular Chopin!

Dad is looking for a snack

Mom rests easy knowing Dad's never going to find that cake on top of the cabinet

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